Saturday Scarves

Back on Wednesday, I started a scarf wanting to use Yarn Harlot's scarf pattern. I realized that I was doing it wrong and while I planned on leaving it alone, I ripped it back to start over. I liked what was forming, but I wanted the Harlot's pattern instead so before I got too far in, out it came. I cast on again and did it correctly this time. Well the yarn wasn't happy with that either so I ripped back a second time. Today I cast on a third time and decided to use the Mistake Rib pattern instead.

I'd link you to the pattern, but I find 3 different ways to make the same thing, K2P2 then either K2P1 for the end or K3. Of course I K1. Either way you get the same effect. And I'm still happy with it! See?

I've been working on it thru out the day while catching up on shows like Burn Notice, Royal Pains and In Plain Sight. I love my USA summer line up! Earlier today I watched Serena beat her sister for the Wimbleton Cup. Yes it's been a tv kind of a day, because while I'm feeling better, I'm still not great. And it's REALLY hot outside.

Besides, I had company. Why would I want to move?!?



stitcherw said…
Boy does that kitty look comfy, she doesn't want to move either. :)
Sorry the scarf took several tries to get it where you wanted, it's looking good now. Sorry to hear you're still feeling off, hope you're back to normal soon.

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