Six Months In

Can the year possibly be half way over already? Just doesn't seem possible. What's amazing to me is how much has happened this past year. Actually how much has happened in the world in the past month is amazing, but that's a whole 'nuther post.

I finished another project for Warm Woolies. Another vest.

Here are the stats:
Warm Woolies Vest Size 6-8
Date Start: 6/22/09
Date End: 6/30/09
total project time: 8 days
Yarn used: Misc wool remnants including Lion Wool Red, Pingouin #148 Chocolate and #103 Porcelaine (the purple)
8.7oz gone

I started this when I was going thru my charity wool pile and noticed I still had some yarn that's been lingering around a lot longer than I wanted. I figured I'd do an Odd Ball Vest, and I did for the first 1/3 of it. The brown was started right after the ribbing and there is some purple in the multi colored wool, so I thought the transition to a full purple skein would be less noticable, but it's not as gradual as I had hoped. Either way, I think it turned out well and will make some kid warm this winter.

I'm doing Warm Woolies Six for Six summer challenge, six items for 6 y/os and older. I have 2 vests and 2 pairs of socks complete, another vest 1/2 way done and another pair of socks also 1/2 way done (in fact one sock was finished tonight). After this challenge is complete, I'm going to start knitting for ME! They say charity begins at home, and since I nearly froze this past winter because I don't have any hats or scarves for me, I cast on for a scarf using some Sirdar Snuggly I bought back in March. I'm using the Harlot's scarf pattern and am really happy to actually knit a scarf of my own. And by starting now, I'm (almost) guaranteed to be done by the end of the year.

Well, maybe not. As I was linking the scarf pattern to this post, I re-read the pattern. I'm off. The pattern is K2, Ktbl, P1. Last 2 stitches are K2. I forgot the last two stitches. Well it still looks good so we're going with creative license. I have an inch done, and while I could rip it out (I'm lookin' at YOU, Dee!), I like the way it looks so I think I'll let it stay.

I agree, as long as you let me lay on it.


Anonymous said…
As long as you are happy with it ... go for it! LOL
The vest looks cute! I like the idea of using up yarn scraps and creating a one-of-a-kind garment.
stitcherw said…
Her sweater turned out wonderfully, very cute. Actually with it being a bit big it's probably a plus give how quickly they grow. This way she'll be able to get quite a bit of use out of it. The vest looked nice too, I think the purple transitioned in just fine. Sounds like you're doing very well on your 6 for 6 goal. Like you, I can't believe the year is half over now. Glad you said the rash is better, hopefully your stress goes down soon so you don't retrigger it.
Anonymous said…
the little vest is really very nicely done and I love the colors. Good job lady! :)

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