Virtual Quilt Show - Part I

Back in March the local quilt quild had their annual quilt show. I took a ton of pictures but never had a chance to post them here. I think it's time to do it now. Some quilts are really nice, while others are really not. Others are just odd. I've broken the quilts up into different groups; bold, dark, animals, ribbon winners, hand quilted and favorites. You'll see some ribbon winners in the bold, bold in with the animals, etc.

WARNING: I am a bit judgemental with some of the quilts I post. These are my opinions. I'm sure some of the ones I like you'll look at and wonder what drugs I'm on, while others that I criticize you'll think look good. With that in mind, let's get started!

As you can see, it was busy.

It was hard to get pics of the quilts w/o having people in the way, but I tend to go thru the show twice to look at the quilts I really like (or the train wrecks that pull you back) again, so it gives me another shot for a good picture.

The first group up are the bolds. Every year there is a theme that runs thru the shows and this year it seems to be BOLD colors! Some look really good.

This one would be better w/o the yellow background

I like yellow, but a cream background would have made the burgundy sashing pop more.

Here's another one w/too much yellow. If you click on it, you'll see that it's a kid print cut up for the quilt, but the yellow is BRIGHT!

And yet MORE yellow!

This one would be ok as a blanket for an outdoor picnic. Otherwise it hurts my eyes.

Then there were those quilts that just didn't work. They were going for bold but just ended up busy.

These next two were trying to be bold but ending up with too many medium prints.

This one isn't too bad, except for the background fabric. Too busy. Again a softer cream would have been nicer.

And this one.

If you click on it, you'll see that there is a gorgeous floral fabric used in this quilt. However it was cut into small pieces. Since the floral print was more of a medium to large scale print, when cut up, it lost a lot of the flow and beauty of the original fabric.

Time for a small break. Go get a snack, load the dishwasher, fold some clothes and come back later when I post the next group, Darks.


Anonymous said…
The "kid print" one is odd, but for some reason I love the fabric. The little pandas peeking are so cute.

The first quilt picture is awesome. I love how they made the waves of colors.

Your opinions? Right on. I think we could enjoy a show together and probably not argue about a single quilt.

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