VQS Part III - Animals

Welcome back to Part III of my virtual quilt show. This year had some quilts that featured some unusual animals, esp for a quilt. All quilts are clickable for a larger view.

They had your typical country animal quilts of bunnies


(here's a close up of one of the roosters showing a more accurate color of the quilt)

and cows.

They even had a unicorn.

You had kitties that were cutsie

and more realistic.

Then you had a little Bambi you just wanted to pet.

I'd rather have this mounted on the wall than the real thing.
(this one shows the details)

(this one is more color accurate)

Not my taste, but she did a great job.

Somebody captured a rainforest-y quilt

that included a cat

an owl

and a ring tailed lemur.

While the work in this quilt is amazing, it sort of creeps me out. I feel like the eyes follow you where ever you go.

And that they would glow.

And jump out at you while you sleep and maul you to death! But I'm sure that's not what the quilter was going for.

And then there is the quilt with the cuddly


This one would be softer to cuddle

but I'm hoping it's been de-scented!

And this one. This is my favorite. (please click to get the full effect!)

When I came across this one I just stopped. And stared. While I was already surprised by the armadillo and skunk immortalized in fabric, I had to wonder what the quilter was feeling when she did a vulture. According to the little yellow information card, she had just taken *a rather dull class* and decided to use the left overs "plus a few, and create a colorful piece centered around a whimsical bird, a candid condor!" Wait, what?!?! Since when is a vulture a *whimsical bird*?!?!?

And yes that is a third place ribbon on it.

So there you have it. I'm really beginning to wonder abt some of the people who live in this county.......

Stay tuned for the award winning quilts. Some totally deserve them; others, well I gotta wonder what the pay off was......


Anonymous said…
Love the sock, adorable baby (of course), but don't know what I think about non-edible donuts. They would drive me nuts I fear! haha :)
Anonymous said…
Acccccccccckkkk...turkey vulture!

I'm thinking the ring tailed lemur was supposed to be a raccoon. LOL
Grace said…
I want them all in all three posts, they are so gorgeous to look at and analyze, really beautiful!

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