VQS4 - Blue Ribbon Winners

Here are some of the blue ribbon winners from the show. I'm going to save best in show and best quilting for another post.

I really like this one.

I think this one is for a full size bed.

The colors in this are gorgeous and the ribbon effect border was fabulous!

This was a miniature quilt. You can tell how small the Dresden Plate is by comparing it to the blue ribbon. Those are hard to make in normal size, I can't imagine making them this small.

I think this is a wall hanging size.

This was a really cool quilt. The quilter made a quilt depicting her quilting class.

She even gave it a 3-D effect! LOVE it!

I believe this was part of a guild challenge, to make a place that you feel happy in.

And the wearable art section. I always think they are cool looking, but I know I'd never wear it.


Anonymous said…
Wow, they are all amazing, but I think that 3rd one down is super. It reminds me of the Amish somehow, in the way they did the squares. Reminiscent of the paintings on the barns for good luck. :)

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