VQS5-Red Ribbon Winners

Here are the quilts that came in second place in their division.

This one was nice and had a 3D effect thru out.


I really like this one too.

Esp with all the sparkly thread. This stuff is a BEAR to stitch with!

Look for a similar quilt with a yellow ribbon.

This is another one of the happy place challenge.

I really like the fact that she used the Card Trick pattern with all the little buttons and embellishments.

I left this one for last. When you enter a judged quilt show, you expect to be judged. I didn't shrink this down from the original shot so when you click on it, it will be big. Check out the bottom brown flower. The edges don't match. BY A LOT! I've seen so many other quilts in this category that should have won a ribbon, but this one did. It's a cute quilt that would be great to cuddle under, but not to win a ribbon.

I'm thinking there is a back story to this quilt that wasn't made public.

SO there you have it. Are you still with me?? Have I bored you to tears yet? Are you running from your monitor screaming "How much more of this can I stand?!?!" I have two or three more posts left so in a couple of days we'll be back to knitting. But I hope you come back to see the rest of the quilts. Those will be the Best In Show, Honorable Mentions and my favorites that spoke to me. If you've really had enough, see you in a couple of days!


Sandie Knapp said…
I am so glad I was not the one having to judge those quilts! LOL
Dee said…
The brown flower wasn't the only problem. The top right flower wasn't sewn in straight. Does make you wonder ......

The show looked good though. I always enjoy the virtual trip through the quilt show each year.

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