A change in plans

It's been getting busier here at Happy Acres as school gets closer. We've shopped for both Baby Girl and #1 Son, now we just need to get bits and pieces to round everything out.

We also went to a movie this past wknd, Aliens in the Attic. Not my first pick, but was better than I expected. It had bits and pieces that reminded me of E.T. and also Gremlins. My favorite part? When the kids had to use a rotary phone to call 911. Remember how long it takes for 9 to go all the way around?!? The looks of horror were perfect!!

However it's been awhile since all four of us have gone to a movie at night. We either go to a matinee, or my sisters pay for the kids. I haven't had to pay for all of us in one shot in a LONG time.

Me: 2 adults 2 kids for Aliens in the Attic
Attendant: That will be $34.50.
Attendant: $34.50.
Me: You're kidding, right??
Attendant: (blink)
Me: How much are the tickets???
Attendant: $9 and change for adults and $7 and change for kids (he gave specific amts but I was too shocked to really hear it)

I think I'm going to rethink this theatre. I'm not sure what their matinee amts are, but they also don't have any movie specials (so many points and you get a free popcorn, etc) so it won't be my first choice the next time we go out to a movie. This explains why we use Netflix.

There has been some knitting going on as well. After my last post of what-project-to-work-on-next, I finished off the 2nd sock for Children In Common's current campaign.

It's a Magic 28 sock using size 6 dpns.

Sock #1: 8/5 - 8/6/09
Sock #2: 8/8 - 8/9/09

LionWool prints Flower Garden #202 and Pinguion Porcelaine #103 used
1.7oz used up.

After the sock was done, I wasn't in the mood to start another one so I cast on for a preemie hat.

Date start: 8/9/09
Date end: 8/10/09
Yarn used: Caron SuperSoft Baby Sport (discontinued) #2505 Orchid
I used a basic preemie pattern. DK weight yarn using size 6 needles.

Cast on 48sts, 8 rounds of k2p2, 20 rounds of stockinette.
Decreases start at K4K2tog/K (K3K2tog etc) until there are only 8 stitches left.

Easy peasy but I don't think I can work on preemie hats anymore. A bit depressing for me. Kind of like working on bereavement garments. Not going to send it in, as you can see from the above picture, MY baby needed it more.

So there you have it. I worked a bit on the blanket, but only abt 8 rows have been done since last week's picture so just use your imagination for a mental update.


Anonymous said…
You'll NEED the rest of stitch day on the 27th ---
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the chuckles this morning. Yes, movie ticket prices are outrageous. And I remember when it only cost all of 50¢ for an adult ticket, and an evening show too. My Father told me he paid 10¢ when he was a young man. Your next break comes when you reach Senior Citizen status. hahahahahahaha

Hope you enjoyed your evening out. :)
Jane said…
Hmm, wasn't it just yesterday that the kids got OUT of school?

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