A change in scenery

I've been in a funk lately. I blame summer vacation. Or the heat. Or the noisy house (oh wait, that's a part of summer vacation). Or the fact that once we got the grey van working, the red one went down and I was trapped at home yet again. Or that the a/c in my bedroom broke. Or the fact that I have to referee yet ANOTHER argument behind me (nope, this goes under summer vacation as well!)

The good thing is that the red van is running again and by tonight the a/c in my bedroom should be up and running as well. Thankfully instead of being fried by gamma rays (making the bedroom too hot to inhabit), this is what my sky looks like.

There is a reason why tropical storms are more prevalent during the summer; it's to keep us from being blinded by that big ball of light that hangs in the sky.

Knitting has felt more like something to do rather than enjoyment so I've decided to mix things up a bit. I pulled out some cross stitch and worked a bit on Seasonal Fall on Saturday. I wasn't sure how much I'd get done, but I was able to finish off the grass outside the window. Next would be the leaves that have fallen on the ground.

Fall. I figure if I stitch it, it will come.


Anonymous said…
I'm hoping your last sentence is true. I'm doing a fall-themed cross stitch too.

I'll have it up on the blog eventually.
Anonymous said…
Sorry lady, whether you stitch it or not, Fall is coming. But in a way, that is a good thing. Now it's arrival can NOT be blamed on you! :)
Susan said…
I love the stormy sky pic. There is such an energy in the clouds. I'm not a heat fan and I would have wilted by now in your summer weather. It has been a very cool summer here which is okay by me. I think we've only needed the air conditioning for about 5 days this year.
I can't wait for fall to be here! Sorry to hear about the ac. The heat is really getting oppressive.

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