Do you hear that??

Yeah, neither do I!!! That's because today is the first day back to school and boy is the house quiet!

Here they are just before we walked out.

Things went very well this am. #1 Son was WAY ahead of us as we walked up to the school. I was expecting this so when we got to the cross walk I hugged him there and told him to have a nice day. I KNEW the closer we got the further away he would get. Baby Girl still lets me walk her to class.

I finished my kitty blanket late last night, but still need to sew in the ends. I'll take pics of it tomorrow. Then we can head to the kitty shelter to drop off the goods.

What do you think, Hemi?

I approve. Besides, who needs hand knit blankies when you have fresh laundry to sleep in??


Anonymous said…
I don't know about those faces. They look iffy to me. Not thrilled and maybe just a little eh? haha At least they went, fairly willingly. I don't know when our kids start up here. The regular time is the first Wednesday after Labor Day. But Labor Day is later than usual this year, so they might be starting the week before. Now that I have no children going off to school, I haven't a clue any more........haha

Hope you have a nice "quiet" day.
Jacki said…
Cute! Here's to a great year!!
Ruth in So. MD said…
Awww---your kids sure are growing up! First day for us is tomorrow--I can't believe it's come that quickly!

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