Fall is Approaching....

If only in cross stitch.

Last Saturday I had this.

and today I have this.

It is slowly getting there. My goal is to get it done before the first official day of Fall. That's abt 3 weeks from now. I really think I can do it. I just hope I don't get sick of working on it before it's done. Most of what is left is the apple pie and rolling pin. Then filling in the rest of the table. THEN the back stitching.

So close and yet so far.

What came from the Sunday oven today? My go-to Banana Muffins.

Gotta love Nick Jr.!


Jane said…
I'm looking forward to seeing the completed piece. You might just be the inspiration to drag me back to some cross stitch - only I'm not sure my eyes are good enough any more.
Anonymous said…
Very nice. And please, let's not talk too much of Fall. It will be here all too soon for my liking. :)
Jacki said…
Lookin good!!! :)
stitcherw said…
Nice progress, hang in there with it I'm sure you can get it done. The muffins sound yummy.

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