Here Kitty Kitty Kitty!

Come check out your new blanket!!!

This guy is FINALLY done! Here are the stats:

Kitty Shelter Blanket

Date Start: 3/10/09
Date End: 8/23/09
Total Project Time: 5 months!

Yarn Used: Red Heart Super Saver #366 Mint (discontinued color) plus misc acrylic white. Double stranded.

Blanket size: 32"x23"

Yarn used up: 1lb 4oz/1040yds (yes, that reads one POUND 4 ounces!)

Talk abt a GREAT stash buster!! I was gifted this yarn a couple of years back and I've been trying to use it up in kitty blankets. The first blanket was here. In that one I used one strand of the mint with various other yarns. This time I decided to use the mint double stranded with the occasional white strand subbed in. This is what I had left from one of the HUGE skeins. I'm using my Regia sock yarn as scale.

Not so bad!

This is what I had left from the second skein used.

Hmmm, MUCH bigger than I expected.

There is still one full one left as well.

~sigh~ I will NEVER be done with this yarn.......I need to let it marinate some more before I use it in another blanket......


Bridget said…
It's really pretty! Think of how happy some sweetheart will be to have it.
Karen said…
Awww, that looks so snuggly. Some lucky little kitty will be thrilled to have it.
Sandie Knapp said…
Whoever the lucky kitty is that gets it, he or she is going to really be glad you had that stash of yarn to play around with. :) It's a really pretty blankie.

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