I should stick to quilting.

With school beginning soon, I figured I'd pull out the fabric that I've been saving to make Baby Girl some shorts. As I'm trying to cut out the pattern, they keep catching on the fabric. My fabric scissors are sticky (hmmm, which means somebody has been using them!) so I get a wipe to clean them off. Well not only do I cut thru the wipe (doubled over a few times) but I cut into my thumb as well!

(insert bandaged thumb here)
Do you know how hard it is to take a picture of your right hand when you are right handed?!?! All pics were too blurry to even tell what it was.

After I stopped the bleeding and took a break, I was able to finish cutting out the shorts.

Hopefully I'll be able to sew them up today.

I really don't know why I continue to attempt to sew. I'm really not that good at it and it's really stressful for me. Quilting is so much easier. And I've never cut myself with the rotary cutter.

More updates to come.....


Anonymous said…
Hope you are okay. Do you need stitches?
Susan said…
I have a bad habit of cutting my fingertips with kitchen knives when I'm chopping vegetables. Those fingers bleed like crazy! Hope yours heels quickly.

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