I just took the fastest shower ever, got dressed, PUT MAKE UP ON, and walked next door for a Pampered Chef party.

Only to find out it was cancelled.

Well, at least I'm clean.

Meanwhile I took a pic of the sky.

Your typical hazy afternoon sky. According to Weather Underground, it is 90 degrees but it feels like 101. Yep, I knew it was hot. So between the heat and expecting to have the afternoon off, I'm going to sequester myself to the bedroom and stitch.

Sounds like a plan to me.


Anonymous said…
If I took a photo of my morning sky, it would not have shown very much. It is still very foggy, and this morning it was pouring cats and dogs! It was also very cold, down in the 50's and with all the rain that had been falling all night long, it was so damp and the chill just went right through you. I ended up having to turn the heater on for a few minutes just to get the dampness out of the house. Even now it's still only in the 60's. Yesterday was around 63ยบ. Yep, Fall is coming fast this year. :(
stitcherw said…
Sorry the party was cancelled. I've never been to one, but they sound like fun. Cool here today again, only about 65, however, at least it is sunny not rainy. I mowed, and there were leaves mixed in getting mowed again this time too, I fear fall will come early this year.

The sock book in your earlier post looks nice, and the yarn should make a lovely hat, it is a nice color way for a guy. Nice stashing you did. The Moda yarn you got should make a pretty kitty blanket too. Congrats on finishing your other kitty blanket, you've got quite a stash going, there are going to be some very happy kitties.

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