Salvation vs Damnation

It's 2AM and I'm still up. Why? Because I have a million things going on in my brain. My stream of consciousness is going from one thought to another. Or should I say project.

I've got a few projects going right now. The big one is the blanket for my sil who is due in Oct. While I'm putting in a row here and a row there, it's not keeping me motivated. So I cast on for Malabrigo sock #2. I put in some more rows in my kitty afghan. **If I finish this afghan before school starts, I can take the kids to the shelter so they can see all the cats. School starts in a little over 2 weeks. I think I can do it.**

Then when I'm on Ravelry, there is a woman in the Orlando area who is trying to raise awareness of infant mortality and is in need of 1687 hats (the amt of infants that died in 2007). **Hmmm, a local woman who needs some hats. Hats are easy to knit up, esp preemie hats. AND it's a great way to use up some of my softer acrylics. She needs them by the end of Aug. Hats don't take very long, especially preemie hats.** I start looking thru my patterns.

Then I get an email in my box from Children In Common. There is a last minute trip to Russia planned and they could use some socks for kids aged 2-6. She's leaving on the 19th of this month. **Hmmmmm, kid socks are pretty quick to knit up.** I cast on a pair a few hours ago. One sock is almost done.

Meanwhile I'm not liking any of the preemie hat patterns I have. I search on Ravelry and I come across a couple of good ones and saved them for when I finish off the 2 pairs of socks I plan on doing. **What's this?? A pumpkin hat?? My sil is due in Oct and wouldnt the new baby look cute in a pumpkin hat?!?!? But I don't have any orange yarn. Will need to pick some up at the store this wknd.**

I finally shut the computer down and go to bed. **I hope my local JoAnn's has the orange I'm looking for. Maybe I should try the bigger one a bit further away. Oh and I should make one for my other niece who is 16 months. Would Baby Girl like one? No, I think it might be too young for her. Besides, she already has a couple of hats already that she can wear. Speaking of hats, I should make #1 Son a hat for this winter. Since he's going to be a safety patrol and will be out early in the mornings, it will be very cool then. He'll need a hat. I'll need to find something *cool* for him. Maybe black with a cream stripe. Oh and maybe some fingerless gloves to keep his hands warm while he opens car doors. In black as well. I have some black Utopia, but it's acrylic. Will it be warm enough? Plus I don't think I have enough for both a hat AND mitts. I'll have to check.**

ARGH!!!!!! Do you see what I mean?!?!? I have gone from one project to a million in no time flat. Actually, they are all very doable. I can finish off the 2 pairs of socks for CIC this wknd. I can finish off a handful of preemie hats by the next wknd. This still leaves me plenty of time to finish off the kitty blanket and get to the shelter before school starts. The next bits will be for Oct and then our stuff by Dec.

See? Doable.

Then why is my brain freaking out?? I think I need to install an off button.

Silly humans, sleep is NEVER a problem for a feline.......


Kathy... said…
Don't you HATE when that happens!! Hope you eventually got some good rest....
Anonymous said…
STEP.AWAY.FROM.RAVELRY! It's making you nuts! LOL

Work on the blanket. Work on the blanket. Work on the blanket.

When we get together you must work on the blanket.

Now .......did that motivate you????
Anonymous said…
Been there so many times, I wish I could forget about it. Alas, it happens about once a month. I hate it, but I guess that's just the way the mind works sometimes. Hope you get some sleep tonight! :)
That's me pretty much every night before I fall asleep. So frustrating!
stitcherw said…
My you did end up with quite a bit on your to do list. Good luck getting it all done, they sound like great projects (especially the little pumpkin cap).

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