Saturday Shopping

When I was a little kid, I used to love going grocery shopping with my grandfather. I used to get some kind of snack when I went along, either Devil Dogs or Flav-R-Ice. Plus I loved looking at all the cool stuff on the shelves. Now that I'm grown up, I still get some kind of snack when I go, but it's not as much fun. It's just work. Plus *I'm* the one paying for the total bill which zaps a LOT of the fun out of it.

I usually go grocery shopping during the week, but we're down a car so I had to wait until the wknd. When EVERYBODY else goes as well. Two hours later I came home with much needed supplies. At least the kids are big enough to help carry stuff in.

The kids are also old enough to take pics of the sky. My thermometer says 92, but the heat index is 106. Today's sky is brought to you by Baby Girl.

For those who wanted to see the sun, she brought that too!

I'm not accomplishing as much as I would like this past week, but I do have a closet that looks really good and #1 Son's room is also organized. School starts in 3 weeks and that is fantastic incentive to get the rugrats to clean stuff out. Gotta get rid of the old stuff to get ready for the new year! At least it works for my kids.

And maybe I'll pull out some fabric to make shorts!!! BUWAHAHAHAHA

(who'm I kiddin')


Anonymous said…
Uh oh ... what happened to your car?
stitcherw said…
Sounds like another hot day for you, it actually has been cooler than normal this summer for us. I'm hoping that it doesn't mean we may have a colder than normal winter coming. Hope you get your other car back in service by the next grocery run, trying to shop on the weekend with all the crowds is a pain.
Anonymous said…
The blanket is coming along nicely. You will probably have it finished before I get my shawl finished, that I started months ago!! Tell Baby Girl she did a great job with the Saturday Sky photo, and the sun wasn't too shabby either. :)

When it comes to getting the kids to clean up their rooms, anything that works is better than nothing at all.......making room for "new" stuff sounds good to me.

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