Saturday Updates

It's another "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" day. The temps are only 79, but the heat index is 85 with 90% humidity. It's like walking thru a steam room. Blech. Here's my sky.

Explains the humidity being so high. We had rain earlier, but not from Hurricane Bill. I think it's the low that was once Ana. Either way, we've been soggy for a couple of days.

I haven't posted any updates for a bit so here we go.

Here's the blanket.

I haven't touched it in abt a week. Maybe this week I'll pull it out.

What have I been working on instead? My Seasonal Fall. Here is what it looked like the last time I posted abt it.

And here it is as of today.

I still plan on working on it, will be bringing it to stitch day on Thursday.

Last up is a project that is FINISHED!!!

I only needed to finish off the hem of the legs and that was it. Baby Girl loves the sparkly fabric and will wear them to school. WOOHOO!!! Glad they are done! The fabric was a bear to work with, very slippery; and that silvery thread kept coming out. NOT a fabric I'll be working with anytime soon. She tried them on quickly but wouldn't pose for a pic since her friend was over so hopefully tomorrow I'll get a shot of her wearing them instead of the cat sniffing (then attacking!) them.


Dee said…
We actually sat outside at Barnie's today for a little while. The breeze made it bearable. Then the breeze stopped. UGH!

But, it was nice for a little while.

Love the pink sparkly pants. Are you doing a mother version??? LOL

Mother/daughter dresses...remember those?
Sandie Knapp said…
I don't think I would enjoy working with that material very much either, but I can so well understand your daughter's liking of it. All that pretty sparkling pink!! What every little girl wants! :)

It is 67ยบ here right now, humiditgy at 94%. I know exactly what you mean!

The blanket is pretty. Someone is going to be happy with that. :)
stitcherw said…
Nice progress on the blanket, and wonderful progress on Seasonal Fall. Cute pants too, fun for school wear. Hope your humidity drops a bit soon, sounds VERRRY muggy. Our temps have dropped recently, and the trees are starting to turn color, I think fall is on its way.

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