Up up and away!

We survived the first week of school and boy am I tired!! Not used to this waking up early business. However when you *do* wake up early you get to see things like this!

We saw a different one on Tues but since I didn't have my camera, no pictures were taken. I didn't have my camera this AM either as we were driving to school, but after I dropped the kids off, I got my camera and went in search of it. Found it abt 2 miles away.

(the things I do for blog fodder)

Waking up early also helps me to meet up with my stitch group. However dropping the kids off for school first leaves me over an hour and a half to kill before the LNS opens. So I get coffee at Starbucks (cha-ching), then I go to the JoAnn's that sits right behind the LNS (cha-ching cha-ching). I don't always buy something, but I had a 40% coupon that was abt to expire and it would be WRONG to let that happen!

Here is what I used it on.

I've only scanned thru it, but I really like how they describe the different methods of hand dyeing yarn.

And remember when I said I wanted to get some yarn to make #1 Son a hat for the winter? Here is what I got.

The colorway is Sticks and Stones. Manly enough for him to wear, but interesting colors thru-out. Dark browns, dark purples and dark copper.

I also picked up the lasted American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. They had some cool Log Cabin quilts that are inspiring me to start another quilt.

As is true everytime I meet with my stitching group, we do more socializing that stitching so not much was done on my Seasonal Fall, but I'm really motivated to finish it so hopefully I'll have something to hang when it's officially Autumn. However our friend Alison (aka THAT GIRL) was working on a scarf using some Moda Dea Sassy Stripes. The colorway wasn't going that well (not enough blues and dark greens, TOO much pea green and red/white spots) on her scarf so she ended up giving it to me to add into my next kitty blanket.

I have a lot of different colorways of this yarn, including this one, but I've never had one work up the way hers was going. It will be perfect for it's new purpose.

Thanks Alison!


Anonymous said…
Great shot of the balloon!
Anonymous said…
See, you get up earlier and come home with all those goodies.

It is rare for us to see hot-air balloons around here, but on the rare occasion, we have. That was a really pretty balloon, so thank you for running it down and capturing it to share with us. :)

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