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The FOs, the WIPs and the FROGGED

The FOs:

Baby Washcloths

I used some cotton yarn to make these washcloths for my SIL. I cast on 30 stitches on size 6 needles and just knit. They came out really cute! They are 6.5 x 6.5 which is a nice size for my SIL to use on my niece and then later for her (whichever *her* needs it more) to chew on. The blue yarn is a Peaches and Creme Shaded Denim #133, not sure what the multi colored one is.

I had a little bit left of that one and decided to use it up by making a cute coaster.

I really love this color combo and use this coaster all the time! I used my size 6 needles but only 18 sts. It measures 4 x 4.25

Kelly's Pink & Yellow Blanket

This almost got ripped out. It's a bit thinner than I'd like, but I did a search on Ravelry to check out carseat sizes and there was one that was the same dimensions as this one, so it stayed. Here are my stats:

Date Start: 7/22/09
Date End: 9/22/09
Total Project Time: 2 months

Sirdar Silky Look DK in Pink (#960) and Yellow (#961)

Cast on 192 st…

Saturday Sky

Yesterday was our school's walk-a-thon where I helped make over 1200 sno-cones. Yes that is 12 HUNDRED sno-cones.

I was fine until I walked with the kids.

In the heat of the day.

When it was 95 degrees.

The hottest day in 18 years.

And since I only had a half a cup of coffee, a half a glass of diet Pepsi, some combos and 2 slices of Dominos pizza, I was NOT feeling well when we got home. In fact I was suffering from heat exhaustion. You'd think I'd be more aware of these things since I live in Florida, but I was scooping ice so I didn't feel the heat until I was out in it.

So what did I do today? Did I rest and knit or stitch? Of course not! Instead we went to the mall to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. It was a bit strange, but had it's funny parts. The kids really liked it which is all that matters.

We also hit JoAnn's to make good use of my Coupon Commotion page. It's always an expensive trip when I go, but it's worse when the kids co…

I'm Back!

So we've got the computer reloaded, got some of my contacts back, and most important, I have my pics back in the computer. I used to be SO GOOD at printing them out, but once I got my digital, I got lazy. I also got kids around the same time, which seem to take up more time than I expected.

While tomorrow I'll get caught up on projects, today is abt the food! The school had a Book Fair last week and while the kids usually get books, this time I got one, too. It's a Taste Of Home cookbook that has weekly meals planned out for 12 weeks plus addl recipes broken up into sections in the back. The kids LOVE it and each have picked out recipes they want to try. Baby Girl's is sitting in the freezer (it's an icey fruit dessert) while #1 Son got to eat his tonight. Don't they look yummy?

I don't have the book in front of me so I don't have the name of them, but basically they are break apart cookie dough set in mini muffin tins and after they are cooked y…

Technical Difficulties

The IO reloaded the computer with a new operating system and things haven't been the same since. My desk top is different, the mouse doesn't work right, things open and close magically. It keeps signing me in and out of Facebook, Google and Ravelry. My pictures are in different files. AND it lost all of my contacts. I re-added most of my contacts, but there are still a few of you out there that I don't have email addresses for. So if I've responded to you in the past and you haven't heard from me recently, this is why. He will be reloading my previous operating system so I can go back to normal. Which means I lose all of my contacts again.

Meanwhile, I've been working on my blanket and I'm on the last stripe!! WOOHOO!!! I'm hoping to be done with it by tomorrow night. Hopefully by Monday I'll be posting pictures of the finished product.

AND I'll be back to my old OS. It's taking me forever to type this small post.

Here is my picture of my S…

Creativity Abounds!

Last Sunday the kids decided we had way too many usable boxes in the garage and wanted to do something with them.

Baby Girl made a car

And #1 Son decided to become a robot.

There was a helmet to the outfit, but it just didn't fit right.

The house is a wreck, but I've got some creative kids!

What did *I* do on Friday? I have my own ways of being creative, which sometimes includes supporting the economy. After spending the morning at the school doing PTO duties, I went to pick up the charts I had on hold at my LNS.

Lizzie Kate is fast becoming my favorite designer. Quick and easy and cute!

Since I was already out, I decided to stop at my LYS to see what they had in stock. I haven't been there in a LONG time and just felt the need for a fiber fix. Their back room is full of sock yarn and after having 5 different kinds in my hand, I decided on this one.

Then I saw this yarn that I thought was VERY interesting.

I love the color and it's VERY soft. And i…

Saturday Sky

For one reason or another, the IO hasn't been able to mow the backyard. With all the heat and rain we've been getting, the backyard has gone back to it's natural Floridian self.

Which means lots of weeds and sand spurs (nasty pricklers that stick to EVERYTHING!)

So what's an IO to do? Why rent a bushwhacker and mow it ALL down!

It's making fast work of something our mower just couldn't handle.

And the rugrats are LOVING the low grass!

Here is my sky and the only blue patch available.

In fact, it's already gone.

So what are YOU doing today?

So much to blog, so little time

I think I need to get a phone that will allow me to blog *on the road*. I have blogged so many things in my mind, but nothing ever quite makes it to the page (metaphorically speaking). I really need to utilize the "post ahead" feature of blogger, sit down and GO!
First up, the answer to the question of what Lucy got into is:


I bought some and she found it in the bag.

Not only did she find it, but she ripped into it and was eating and rolling around in what spilled.

Princess went to investigate. However Lucy wasn't in a generous mood.

I pulled it out of the bag to spread the wealth to all. It's funny to see how each cat responds to catnip.

Some get bug-eyed....

while others just chill.......

Princess just wanted everbody elses

I may seem mellow, but don't even think abt it!

I have extra claws JUST for this situation.

until finally she found her own spot.

Where was Lucy?

Back in the bag!

Come back later for my sky and my latest stash enhancement!

Missed it by *that* much!

Yesterday morning I was planning on blogging. How could I not with a date like


I was also going to blog that one of the websites was calling for a kitty free day on the internetz. Well being somewhat of a rebel in non-essential issues, I was going to post pics of the kitties just to boycott THAT idea!

But then my day started which included dropping kids off at school, work, lunch (at a local teahouse, YUM!), rush back for kids, change for ballet and then dinner. By the time I stopped, so did my brain. I just had enough to play Bejeweled on Facebook.

Today's not much better, it's Grandparent's Lunch for the next two weeks (they do lunch per grade level) plus Book Fair. So since I need to straighten up the house before my sister comes over for lunch with #1 Son, I will leave you with a question?

What did Lucy get into?
It's not cat food. I'll give you a hint.....there's some on her back.

Like the new look?

Well I've updated the blog, both inside and out and this is what I ended up with. Hope you all like it. It was MUCH more stressful than I expected, but I was really in need of a change. Funny, what I once thought was clean and crisp is now boring and blah.

We'll see how long this background lasts......

Saturday Sky

I am SO ready for a 3 day wknd! Baby Girl was sick this past week, went from what I thought was a post nasal drip to a bad case of bronchitis in one day! Sheesh! You can tell we're back in school!

Getting a few things done knitwise. I've knit up a few baby facecloths, but none of my pictures came out so no posts for those, but I did get a pic of my on-going blanket.

This is 9 inches in. I've had to make some adjustments. A skein of yarn won't completely finish a stripe, which means I need to break into another skein. I will have 5 stripes instead of 7 so it won't be as big as I had planned, but it will make the perfect car or stroller blanket.

And what abt my sky?? Here you go!

It's actually not that hot outside when I took this. I considered weeding, but decided to come in to blog and then knit. I REALLY need to weed, but isn't that why I got married?? And isn't that why HE bought a weed eater?!?