Creativity Abounds!

Last Sunday the kids decided we had way too many usable boxes in the garage and wanted to do something with them.

Baby Girl made a car

And #1 Son decided to become a robot.

There was a helmet to the outfit, but it just didn't fit right.

The house is a wreck, but I've got some creative kids!

What did *I* do on Friday? I have my own ways of being creative, which sometimes includes supporting the economy. After spending the morning at the school doing PTO duties, I went to pick up the charts I had on hold at my LNS.

Lizzie Kate is fast becoming my favorite designer. Quick and easy and cute!

Since I was already out, I decided to stop at my LYS to see what they had in stock. I haven't been there in a LONG time and just felt the need for a fiber fix. Their back room is full of sock yarn and after having 5 different kinds in my hand, I decided on this one.

Then I saw this yarn that I thought was VERY interesting.

I love the color and it's VERY soft. And it's also very unusual. It's made out of 100% sugar cane. How cool is that?!?! A yarn made out of spun sugar. Kind of like cotton candy. I'll need to find something light and airy to make. And the best part is if I get stranded while wearing it, I can always suck on it!!!

Stay tuned for some updates in stitching and knitting.....


Dee said…
Looks like the kids had fun repurposing the old boxes. I see the computer comes with a drink box too.

The Arucania yarn looks great. I think I may have to take a run up to Sip & Knit this afternoon and check it out.
stitcherw said…
Looks like they had a lot of fun with the boxes, my DD loved building things with boxes when she was younger too. Loved the new yarn, especially the sugar one, beautiful colors. Fun LK designs too, my favorite was Autumn Sampler.
Sandie Knapp said…
The pink/blue/green goodness does look good enough to eat, but picturing you sucking your sock covered toes rather threw me a little! hahahaha
Sandie Knapp said…
Now see, that remark about sucking your socks threw me so bad I forgot the kids!!!

Now I see what I am lacking. Maybe if I had a couple of small people around here, I wouldn't have so many of those nasty cardboard boxes taking up space in the basement. I've been slowly but steadily breaking them down, but it's taking forever!
Bridget said…
Love the box creations!

I think you chose some nice yarns. The Arucania yarn is so interesting to me - they have it at my LYS, and I can't decide how I feel about it. But I like the color you bought more than the local choices, I have to say.
Vivian said…
Those are some best uses for boxes I've seen. Hope they helped you clean up the house too.

Our local shop has the sugar cane yarn too, very sweet looking, would love to work with it one day. I do hope they extracted the sugar out of the fiber already, or else it'd be quite an itchy garment.
I have some sugar cane yarn too! I love the colors but I never knew what to make with it. My LYS just started carrying some silky yarn with similar colors so I may pick up a skein or two and combine them to make...something.
Life's a Stitch said…
Very cute. I remember the Halloween when Bryant used boxes to make a kissing booth costume.

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