I'm Back!

So we've got the computer reloaded, got some of my contacts back, and most important, I have my pics back in the computer. I used to be SO GOOD at printing them out, but once I got my digital, I got lazy. I also got kids around the same time, which seem to take up more time than I expected.

While tomorrow I'll get caught up on projects, today is abt the food! The school had a Book Fair last week and while the kids usually get books, this time I got one, too. It's a Taste Of Home cookbook that has weekly meals planned out for 12 weeks plus addl recipes broken up into sections in the back. The kids LOVE it and each have picked out recipes they want to try. Baby Girl's is sitting in the freezer (it's an icey fruit dessert) while #1 Son got to eat his tonight. Don't they look yummy?

I don't have the book in front of me so I don't have the name of them, but basically they are break apart cookie dough set in mini muffin tins and after they are cooked you stick a Reese's mini peanut butter cup in the center. We left two plain since Baby Girl isn't a big peanut butter fan.

As you can see, they went fast.

What does the inside look like?

Let him demonstrate. Feel free to click and make it bigger!


Pictures of the frozen dessert to come.......


Dee said…
They look sticky, yummmy-good! Just the way a cookie should be.
I'm so making those for my next get together.

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