Missed it by *that* much!

Yesterday morning I was planning on blogging. How could I not with a date like


I was also going to blog that one of the websites was calling for a kitty free day on the internetz. Well being somewhat of a rebel in non-essential issues, I was going to post pics of the kitties just to boycott THAT idea!

But then my day started which included dropping kids off at school, work, lunch (at a local teahouse, YUM!), rush back for kids, change for ballet and then dinner. By the time I stopped, so did my brain. I just had enough to play Bejeweled on Facebook.

Today's not much better, it's Grandparent's Lunch for the next two weeks (they do lunch per grade level) plus Book Fair. So since I need to straighten up the house before my sister comes over for lunch with #1 Son, I will leave you with a question?

What did Lucy get into?
It's not cat food. I'll give you a hint.....there's some on her back.


Dee said…
I even embiggened the photo and can't tell.

Did she get into kitty litter?
Thanks for the encouraging comments! Hope your day was a little less crazy :)
Jade said…
Kitteh seems a little impatient. :)

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