Saturday Sky

I am SO ready for a 3 day wknd! Baby Girl was sick this past week, went from what I thought was a post nasal drip to a bad case of bronchitis in one day! Sheesh! You can tell we're back in school!

Getting a few things done knitwise. I've knit up a few baby facecloths, but none of my pictures came out so no posts for those, but I did get a pic of my on-going blanket.

This is 9 inches in. I've had to make some adjustments. A skein of yarn won't completely finish a stripe, which means I need to break into another skein. I will have 5 stripes instead of 7 so it won't be as big as I had planned, but it will make the perfect car or stroller blanket.

And what abt my sky?? Here you go!

It's actually not that hot outside when I took this. I considered weeding, but decided to come in to blog and then knit. I REALLY need to weed, but isn't that why I got married?? And isn't that why HE bought a weed eater?!?


Dee said…
The blanket is looking great!
Sandie Knapp said…
I never saw a weed eater than could begin to do the job I could do with my own two hands and help from my trusty EZ-Digger! LOL

Blanket is going to be lovely.

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