Saturday Sky

For one reason or another, the IO hasn't been able to mow the backyard. With all the heat and rain we've been getting, the backyard has gone back to it's natural Floridian self.

Which means lots of weeds and sand spurs (nasty pricklers that stick to EVERYTHING!)

So what's an IO to do? Why rent a bushwhacker and mow it ALL down!

It's making fast work of something our mower just couldn't handle.

And the rugrats are LOVING the low grass!

Here is my sky and the only blue patch available.

In fact, it's already gone.

So what are YOU doing today?


Sandie Knapp said…
Smart guy, the IO! Why work twice as hard if you don't have to. And I completely can relate. After the so-called Summer we've had here, I've been there all too often myself. But the riding mower seems better equipped to handle higher grass than the push mower, so I managed without having to resort to rending a brush hog! :)

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