Saturday Sky

Yesterday was our school's walk-a-thon where I helped make over 1200 sno-cones. Yes that is 12 HUNDRED sno-cones.

I was fine until I walked with the kids.

In the heat of the day.

When it was 95 degrees.

The hottest day in 18 years.

And since I only had a half a cup of coffee, a half a glass of diet Pepsi, some combos and 2 slices of Dominos pizza, I was NOT feeling well when we got home. In fact I was suffering from heat exhaustion. You'd think I'd be more aware of these things since I live in Florida, but I was scooping ice so I didn't feel the heat until I was out in it.

So what did I do today? Did I rest and knit or stitch? Of course not! Instead we went to the mall to see Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. It was a bit strange, but had it's funny parts. The kids really liked it which is all that matters.

We also hit JoAnn's to make good use of my Coupon Commotion page. It's always an expensive trip when I go, but it's worse when the kids come with me. I have to say they had a good selection of sock yarn. Deborah Norville yarn, Heart & Sole, JoAnn's Soles and More, and Kroy, with everything being restocked from the last time I was there (always a good sign!) In fact they had the new line of Kroy FX. This yarn reminds me a LOT of Trekking and I've been searching on line to see where I could get some. didn't carry any, but there it was in the store!

You knew I had to get some! (is it bad that sock yarn can take my breath away?!?)

I also saw some slipper bottoms for socks which I also got.

Will have to try them out for the winter.

Since it's Saturday, it's time for the sky.

This was to the east.

And this was to the west.

It's amazing how different the sky can look in just a short little area.

Now it's time for me to play in my JoAnn bags......


Vivian said…
The sky pictures are simply stunning.
Dee said…
What was "free" with the slipper bottoms?

You notice? Vivian noticed the sky photo. I noticed the FREE!

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