So much to blog, so little time

I think I need to get a phone that will allow me to blog *on the road*. I have blogged so many things in my mind, but nothing ever quite makes it to the page (metaphorically speaking). I really need to utilize the "post ahead" feature of blogger, sit down and GO!
First up, the answer to the question of what Lucy got into is:


I bought some and she found it in the bag.

Not only did she find it, but she ripped into it and was eating and rolling around in what spilled.

Princess went to investigate. However Lucy wasn't in a generous mood.

I pulled it out of the bag to spread the wealth to all. It's funny to see how each cat responds to catnip.

Some get bug-eyed....

while others just chill.......

Princess just wanted everbody elses

I may seem mellow, but don't even think abt it!

I have extra claws JUST for this situation.

until finally she found her own spot.

Where was Lucy?

Back in the bag!

Come back later for my sky and my latest stash enhancement!


Dee said…
Kitty crack!
Jacki said…
Neither of my cats care about catnip. I've heard 25% of cats are unaffected by it.
Sandie Knapp said…
OMG that was funny. Your cats are a riot! With them around, how could anyone stay angry for long about anything???? hahahahaha

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