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Disney Saturday Sky

Inside Rainforest Cafe

Outside at Downtown Disney

Hey, anybody remember when this was the Empress Lilly??

It's the end of Oct at 10:30pm and it's still 80 degrees outside. Where are my cold fronts??

Tomorrow is the beginning of November. The start of NaBloPoMo, National Blog Posting Month. Where I blog every day. Get ready for some interesting posts. And some sub-par posts.

And a LOT of kitty posts.

National Cat Day

Poor kitties. They hardly get noticed at all! So it's only fitting that they have a day ALL to themselves!!!!!

National Cat Day!!!!!!

How are we celebrating??

Tiger: I have claimed the entire living room floor as my own.

Princess: I prefer the roof.

Lucy: Where is my hooman?

Yeah, THAT'S the spot!!!

Hemi: This better be an automatic dispenser!


I am among the living!!! Wow that is some nasty virus! I've been WIPED OUT! No energy to speak of. How bad has it been? I've had no desire to be on the computer ~or~ knit. Until yesterday when I posted on Facebook. Today was the first day I picked up my needles. The kids go back to school tomorrow. I say by next week we'll be back to our regular schedules. Well mostly. I'm slowing down. I plan way too much and need to cut back on my school activities. I could just be saying this because my energy level isn't there, but I'm tired of needing constant levels of caffeine to keep going. Cutting back on the caffeine and uping my levels of vitamins.

The one good thing in all of this? We've been exposed, fought and won. Now there is no need to get that elusive H1N1 flu shot.

Since today is the first day I've picked up the needles, I have no pics to share, so I will close this post with a usual suspect.

Does this mean I'll need to move now???

It's Official

We have the plague. #1 Son is better, he's still wiped out. No school yet. Baby Girl has had 103+ temps. Going to dr today (couldnt go yesterday because they were booked up). The IO is the only one on Tamiflu, but he's got a major cough going. Me? Not only do I have the flu, but I also have a sinus and ear infections. I've got some good drugs coming my way.

And rest. Lots and lots of rest.

No knitting has been happening. I'm barely out of bed these days.

Something these guys don't seem to mind.

You've been on the computer long enough, it's time for my um *your* nap.

Saturday Show and Sickness

Last week it was Baby Girl. This week is #1 Son. Friday I took him to the dr since he wasn't feeling well (he was sent home from school on Thursday) and he had a fever. I figured it was the same head cold we've all been fighting, but since he was the only one spiking a fever, I wanted to be safe than sorry. They tested him for the flu. Being an overachiever, he passed with flying colors. Positive for Influenza A. According to the CDC 80% of the A is Swine.


I have to say I was really surprised because even though he was sick and had a fever, he wasn't acting that badly. In fact he wanted to go to school that AM. He was going to miss Science Club & Family Picnic. The dr gave us Tamiflu and told him he needed to rest. His lungs were clear (esp since his asthma kicks in when he's sick) which was good news.

He was doing really well after we got home. He ate and had to be reminded that he was indeed sick and needed to rest.

After a horrifying experien…

The Attack of the Killer Couch!!!


Don't just stand there, GET ME OUT!!!

Snow vs Heat Waves

I'm spending time this AM trying to get caught up on my blog reading. I seem to not only be blogging weekly, but reading blogs weekly as well. NOT a good thing since I follow a LOT of them, some blogging every day. I have abt 15 left to catch up on.

Isn't this normally filled with clothing?!?

As I'm reading the different blogs, I'm seeing my friends up in Canada, Penn, Minnesota, etc., covered in snow! Now I did read abt how there are places having their first snow and their trees haven't completely turned yet. And I did see the wind chill map of the US where the only state in 70+ temps was Florida. But when I'm still sitting in an air conditioned house with heat indexes that are hitting record highs, you just don't feel like it's that cold outside! Thankfully we are getting some kind of front go thru so that our temps will only be in the 70s this wknd.

What happened to all the fish?!?

Now that my layette is finished, I'm in that doldrum of trying to fi…


FINALLY! I have some finishes to share. You've all seen the blanket. I didn't have enough yarn to add 2 more stripes, but I had enough to make my gift a set.

First, a hat.

I started it on 9/27 and would have finished it that same day, but I couldn't find my size 7 dpns. Finally on 10/2 I just pulled out my size 6 dpns to finish the hat.

I found the size 7s the next day.

Still having yarn left, I decided to cast on for some socks.

I used size 3dpns and 32 stitches; 8 rows of k1p1 then stst for a total of 3.5 inches. Knit foot for a total of 3" before toe decreases. My book says it's for a 6-12 month foot, but that longer cuff should help it stay on a newborn.

Since I *still* have yarn left

I may make another hat, but in yellow with a pink stripe. Not sure yet.

So instead of just a blanket, I have a layette.

Much more *gifty* looking. I may also make another pair of socks (in a different yarn) big enough for a 1 year old, but I don't know if I have time. …
What a week! My brother in law and his wife are flying to South America for a wedding and stopped over to stay with us for a couple of days. Which meant not only cleaning the house, but cleaning for sleepover company! No matter how much notice I have, I never get all my projects done. This is why I only promise a clean bed and bathroom! LOL

Wednesday was the day they were coming in, and plans were made to go to Islands of Adventure on Thursday. I was keeping the rugrats home Friday to recoup from all the fun. So what happens? Baby Girl wakes up at 5AM ill. By that afternoon she had thrown up 3 times.

Thankfully she was better by the time they arrived,

but with the heat index predicted to be 107 on Thursday, I was still unsure abt the theme park.

Thursday morning I was out voted so we all went.

The outcome?

As you can see, she was fine!!

We started out slow,

but worked our way up to the BIG roller coasters.

They both rode every ride they could. Baby Girl couldn't go on two …

Monday Meme

I saw this on Karen's blog and thought this was a cool meme. Easy too. Here's what you do.

Google “[your first name] needs” in quotes so you will get that whole phrase strung together. Share the first 10 results. That's it! It is that simple.

Here's what I got.....

1. LYNN needs help. (that is true on SOOO many levels!)

2. Jamie Lynn Needs Help With Her Baby Y'all!. (hmmmmm, how did I get a Google hit for Zoey 101?!?)

3. A big crowd of screaming fans to get the adrenaline flowing is the only thing that Sara Lynn needs is to be a star.

4. Lynn Needs Your Help Again -- Vote for her in Flex Magazine's Bikini Contest! She has posed for Playboy and was on VH1's Most Smartest Model.
(well at least I was a SMART Playboy model.....)

5. Lynn needs to develop a larger repertoire of reading vocabulary. Lynn needs our help. Lynn needs a new job. Lynn needs all the help going. (I guess being the smartest model doesn't mean much for my vocab)

6. Please Join our CA…

Saturday Sky

Is it really Saturday already? When did that happen?? It's been a bit crazy here at Happy Acres. Lots of activities with the rugrats, drama with a neighborhood kid, a couple of friends needing a shoulder to lean on, and starting to feel sick has definitely put a crimp in my free time.

I haven't had much time to blog or even read blogs. The most I've done on the computer is go on Facebook to play Bejeweled.

And update Ravelry.

On Thursday I felt a very strong need to play with my fiber so I pulled out my sock bag. (all pics are clickable to get a bigger view)

Laid out a blanket and dumped it out.

And proceeded to organize it by color.

Isn't it pretty??

I'm finding out that I definitely lean toward blues, purples and pinks.

I have enough for almost 60 pairs of socks. Since it was out, I decided to list it on Ravelry. It was only then that I realized how much I actually had! I think I've listed abt half. What's nice abt looking at what you have is that it reminds you …