FINALLY! I have some finishes to share. You've all seen the blanket. I didn't have enough yarn to add 2 more stripes, but I had enough to make my gift a set.

First, a hat.

I started it on 9/27 and would have finished it that same day, but I couldn't find my size 7 dpns. Finally on 10/2 I just pulled out my size 6 dpns to finish the hat.

I found the size 7s the next day.

Still having yarn left, I decided to cast on for some socks.

I used size 3dpns and 32 stitches; 8 rows of k1p1 then stst for a total of 3.5 inches. Knit foot for a total of 3" before toe decreases. My book says it's for a 6-12 month foot, but that longer cuff should help it stay on a newborn.

Since I *still* have yarn left

I may make another hat, but in yellow with a pink stripe. Not sure yet.

So instead of just a blanket, I have a layette.

Much more *gifty* looking. I may also make another pair of socks (in a different yarn) big enough for a 1 year old, but I don't know if I have time. I still plan on making some receiving blankets and want to mail this package out by next Monday. She's due toward the end of the month and I'd like her to have it before the baby comes.

Speaking of "babies", here is mine during today's ceremony accepting his invitation for Honor Society's field trip at the end of the year.

He keeps growing up and yet I keep staying the same!!!


Dee said…
The layette set is beautiful! I think the blanket looks great.

Congrats #1 son!!!!
Sandie Knapp said…
Adorable Lynn. The Mom is going to love that!! :)

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