Monday Meme

I saw this on Karen's blog and thought this was a cool meme. Easy too. Here's what you do.

Google “[your first name] needs” in quotes so you will get that whole phrase strung together. Share the first 10 results. That's it! It is that simple.

Here's what I got.....

1. LYNN needs help. (that is true on SOOO many levels!)

2. Jamie Lynn Needs Help With Her Baby Y'all!. (hmmmmm, how did I get a Google hit for Zoey 101?!?)

3. A big crowd of screaming fans to get the adrenaline flowing is the only thing that Sara Lynn needs is to be a star.

4. Lynn Needs Your Help Again -- Vote for her in Flex Magazine's Bikini Contest! She has posed for Playboy and was on VH1's Most Smartest Model.
(well at least I was a SMART Playboy model.....)

5. Lynn needs to develop a larger repertoire of reading vocabulary. Lynn needs our help. Lynn needs a new job. Lynn needs all the help going. (I guess being the smartest model doesn't mean much for my vocab)

6. Please Join our CAUSE for Jamie Lynn - Needs Bone Marrow 2Live. (YIKES!)

7. Lynn Needs a New Home :( (well a home renovation would be good)

8. Lynn McCully Needs A Kidney (I guess I'm really in poor health. Wonder if it had to do with my years at the Mansion)

9. Jamie Lynn needs some name ideas for her baby girl. (more baby problems)

10. Lynn needs your support with my Family and friends cruise group
(especially after all the problems I have!!)

So it's your turn. Google your name and let me know if you post it to your blog. Hope you are in better shape than me!!

Here is something I saw outside my front door. Hmmmmm, maybe I *do* live at the Playboy Mansion!! (click to get a good look at the ladybugs pro-creating)

(would have posted a pic with a third ladybug watching if it wasn't so blurry......)
(and so ends my family friendly blog)


Anonymous said…
Birds do it, bugs do it --- hey, LADY! GET A ROOM!
Karen said…
That was pretty funny. Who knew you needed so much help. Or that you were a Playboy model. You are just full of surprises. ;)
Anonymous said…
Oh dear, I need a few minutes to stop laughing first. hahahaha

Thanks Lynn, that hit the spot! :)

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