Saturday Show and Sickness

Last week it was Baby Girl. This week is #1 Son. Friday I took him to the dr since he wasn't feeling well (he was sent home from school on Thursday) and he had a fever. I figured it was the same head cold we've all been fighting, but since he was the only one spiking a fever, I wanted to be safe than sorry. They tested him for the flu. Being an overachiever, he passed with flying colors. Positive for Influenza A. According to the CDC 80% of the A is Swine.


I have to say I was really surprised because even though he was sick and had a fever, he wasn't acting that badly. In fact he wanted to go to school that AM. He was going to miss Science Club & Family Picnic. The dr gave us Tamiflu and told him he needed to rest. His lungs were clear (esp since his asthma kicks in when he's sick) which was good news.

He was doing really well after we got home. He ate and had to be reminded that he was indeed sick and needed to rest.

After a horrifying experience at CVS (they told me it would take 2 hours to mix the meds and when I got there was told my insurance would NOT pay for it and since it was going to cost $150 they didn't fill it. Nobody called, no option to pay cash, no asking if I had other insurance. Not the first time I've had problems with this CVS, but it IS the last) I came home and gave him his first dose. He did not respond well.

After the 2nd time of him being sick, we went to the ER. Three hours later he was better and they sent us on our way. Because there isn't a lot of anti-virals out there, he's just going to have to deal with the flu. Since he was doing quite well BEFORE the Tamiflu, they figured he'd be ok w/o it. He's tired today but doing no worse than he normally would be when sick.

Let's hope the rest of us don't end up oinking as well.

The ER visit was last night, but I had plans with Baby Girl to see the ballet version of Cinderella so since #1 Son was doing better, we went ahead and went.

One excited little girl and one tired mama. Thank God for coffee! And we had a blast!! We went to the Family Series version (which means shorter, but cheaper) and while we were waiting to pay for a t-shirt, guess who came by?

Cinderella, Prince Charming and The Fairy Godmother!!!! She was THRILLED!!!!

So now we are home and crashing. It's gorgeous outside

and FINALLY we are getting a break in the weather.

All the windows are open to air the house out which hopefully will help. Tomorrow I pick up my BIL and his wife from the airport, but they will probably stay in a hotel before heading back up north. Better to pay for a hotel than to risk being infected.

Hope everybody is having a nice day!


Anonymous said…
Oh my, talk about mixed emotions!! I am so sorry that your son is ill with H1N1 virus, and I do hope he recovers, without a hitch, quickly.

As for baby girl, how wonderful for her to actually meet the main characters in the ballet. Talk about a wish come true, she must have been floating on cloud 9 for hours!!! I am so happy for her.

Now Mommy, time for you to take a break and get your rest!! You have earned it. :)
Marguerite said…
Did I read this right? You waited and paid $150 for an Rx that your son "rejected" and then a doctor told you that he really didn't need it?

Sympathy. Stay well.
SusieH said…
Oh, yoikes!! Sending feel-better-fast vibes to your bunny. Glad he is dealing with a mild case, all in all...
stitcherw said…
Sorry to hear that the flu bug ended up coming to your house. Hopefully he's feeling better now and no one else gets it. I can't belive the temps you're getting. Our trees are turning, there's frost in the morning and I need to put the heater in the bird bath as it is freezing up overnight now, snow flurries have been seen, and hitting 50 is beginning to feel warm. UGH!! I so don't want winter to be here.

Your layette set turned out beautiful, what a lovely set. The ballet looks like it went over wonderfully, how great she could even meet some of the characters.
Susan said…
I'm sorry to hear that H1N1 has made an appearance at your house. I hope your son recovers quickly and that the rest of you don't get sick!

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