Snow vs Heat Waves

I'm spending time this AM trying to get caught up on my blog reading. I seem to not only be blogging weekly, but reading blogs weekly as well. NOT a good thing since I follow a LOT of them, some blogging every day. I have abt 15 left to catch up on.

Isn't this normally filled with clothing?!?

As I'm reading the different blogs, I'm seeing my friends up in Canada, Penn, Minnesota, etc., covered in snow! Now I did read abt how there are places having their first snow and their trees haven't completely turned yet. And I did see the wind chill map of the US where the only state in 70+ temps was Florida. But when I'm still sitting in an air conditioned house with heat indexes that are hitting record highs, you just don't feel like it's that cold outside! Thankfully we are getting some kind of front go thru so that our temps will only be in the 70s this wknd.

What happened to all the fish?!?

Now that my layette is finished, I'm in that doldrum of trying to figure out what to knit on. I still have my sock, #1 Son's sock and a scarf to work on. In fact I took the scarf to gymnastics last night (#1 Son just signed up and LOVES it!) and got to work on it a bit. But I'm feeling startitis coming on. Just don't know what to work on. Which means my kitty blanket will be seeing more activity. Maybe it's time to change gears and pull out the sewing machine for a bit.

I don't care how much junk you put on me, I was here first!


Anonymous said…
I'm so jealous. Neither of my cats are half as much fun. The one is 20 years old, and lucky to make it from one end of the room to the other without falling over. And the younger one (8 yrs) just likes to smother me, wherever I might be. No one "plays" or whatever, like yours do..........GAH! :)

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