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Crossing the Finish Line

I did it!!! I posted everyday for the past month!!! What did I get?

Yep, a sense of satisfaction. Even though I feel more like how that woman looks!

What else did I accomplish this month? Not as much as I would like, but I saw progress. I did finish somesewing and someknitting.

And guess what came in today??

Aren't they cool?!?

Both rugrats have requested a pair for themselves. I told them to save up their allowances.

I cast on for #1 Son's 2nd sock today while at ballet. Got almost an inch completed. However I left it in the car and since I can be quite lazy, I reached over and cast on for a sock for me.

Just because I can. And no, that is not the Cherry Tree Hill that is sitting pretty on my night stand. It's the Kroy FX that reminds me of Trekking. Kroy tends to be a bit on the thicker side, which means I can knit them on size 2s w/o a problem. Since both socks are in Kroy, they should move fairly quickly.

Got some rows done on my scarf as well. Keep that one i…

A bit of drama

Last Thursday night I noticed that Tiger was limping. I kept her inside and debated on taking her to the vet on Friday. She snuck out Friday AM, and while I was debating on bringing her back inside, she was able to jump up and scale the 6' privacy fence. This told me that while she had a sore paw, she was doing ok. That being said, I didn't want her running and jumping around so when she came inside to eat, I kept her in for the rest of the day and the entire night. She hates being cooped up inside so Saturday AM she was looking for any opportunity to go out. I finally let her go and while she came back around 2pm, we never saw her the rest of the day. Or night. Or for breakfast.

Now I've had cats before and they will occasionally just go off for a bit. I was worried but I wasn't going to make myself nuts abt it yet. This was not the case for Baby Girl. Around 3pm today, she got really upset. Where was she? Maybe she got eaten by a coyote. Maybe she got …

Saturday Satellite Sky

The one bad thing abt it getting dark early is that if you forget to take a picture of the sky, it's too dark to get anything. So I improvised. Here is a picture of my Saturday Sky courtesy of Associated Press.

It's a satellite picture of the sky earlier today. We've had our cold front come thru and it was around 39 this morning! No wonder the house felt so cold!! It's abt 44 now, even though my thermometer says it's in the 50s. I really need to put a thermometer away from the window, it does tend to pull in the temps from the house as well.

Today was also one of those days where I was really hoping to get some fun things done, but the more I tried to sit down and knit/stitch, the more interuptions I had. I did finally pull out a stitching project. What color do I want to work on?? Grey for dolphins? No. Blue for snowman?? Nada. Instead I worked with browns which means that Maggie came out to play! Haven't seen her in awhile and was happy to work…

Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man....

Went down to Kissimmee to see some old friends today and since I'm the only one still awake on the way home, I end up driving. No problem. While I can't blare the music, I can still put on the radio station that's playing Friday Night 80s and jam out to ZZ Top, or hear abt Jesse's girl and get Jenny's number (867-5309 in case you wanted to call).

It's great to see old friends. I've known these people since I was 11. And now my kids and her daughter are starting their own long term friendship.

Anybody else feel like it's S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night?? (click to hear 70's song there)

Wait, did she at least feed us before leaving?? And why am I on the WRONG of this window?!?

Bucking the System

While the rest of you were eating turkey today, we had lasagna. We are non traditionalists here. I'd like to say we spared a turkey, but I've got one in the freezer just waiting to be cooked when my sister comes to town in a couple of weeks.

Since we keep it low key here, I was able to work a bit on my snowman.


It's coming along pretty well. The top box has various wintery things, an ice skate, a snowflake, etc. The bigger box has a big blue mitten in it. I need both my Ott light AND my readers to work on this project; the fabric isn't *that* small, 28ct I believe, but it's the dark blue that makes it really hard to see.

Wordless Wednesday


Coming in Under the Wire

Today was the last day of school for the week and it SOOO feels like Friday. I can shut the alarm off and sleep in tomorrow. Ahhhhhh. However, kids home from school means waiting my turn for the computer. Hence today's late posting.

Not getting on the computer means I have more time for other things. Like stitching. I pulled out the dolphins today, then put it back. Don't have the desire to work on various shades of grey. Out came my snowman. There isn't that much left to it, the outline of the project is done (not to be confused with the backstitching, there is LOTS of that left to do) and most of the wording is done as well. The biggest thing left is the mitten which is half the size of the snowman, but only has abt 3 color changes so it should go fairly quickly. I'll take an updated pic of it tomorrow.

As I was stitching, look what I saw checking out my yarn cake!

Hmmmmm, wonder if they eat yarn, too.......

Eight days left

Hmmmm, I'm really starting to scrape the barrel with this blogging every day, but I only have 8 more posts to go. I'm gonna do it though, because I'm stubborn like that.

I was hoping to have something to share with you craftwise today, but I have nothing. Between #1 Son's sleepover, our girl's day out and then seeing some old friends on Sunday, I haven't had much time to do anything at all! I did put in abt 3rows in my scarf and abt the same amt in my hat. I measured #1 Son's foot to see where I need to start his toes.

I didn't take the time for myself this AM, instead went straight to the grocery store. We had a new store just open up abt a month ago and it's HUGE! While I do like to have a lot of variety to choose from, there is something to be said abt having a smaller, cozier store. AND it's laid out differently so I had to go down each aisle to find what I needed. I'd suggest adding some cheese with this whine, but they were out…

Is it December Yet?

Come back tomorrow. There's nothing to see here.

Skyless Saturday

Yep, no sky today. I meant to take one earlier, but then it got busy and I totally forgot.

Today was spent as a girl's night(day) out. The IO and #1 Son had a campout with some friends of ours

and since us girls were left to our own devices, we hit the mall. What'd we buy? Shoes and makeup!!! LOL I bought 3 pairs of shoes today for ME! Including a pair of clear Converse sneakers. I've been wanting these for sometime now, but kept putting it off because I didn't want to spend the money on them. Well they cost abt what I'd pay for 3 pairs of socks so I went ahead and did it. I should get them by next week.

I have to admit, after all the problems I had with my Malabrigo socks, it sort of took the wind out of my sails. Instead of being happy abt my finished socks, I felt my yarn let me down.

So what's a girl to do? Make cake of course!!

This is some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn I got sometime in 2006. It's been marinating long enough and time to come out…

Friday Foto

A couple of days ago, Lucy is sitting on the window sill, just staring at the sky. I looked outside but there was nothing I could see that would hold her attention. Then the neighbor's dog starts barking like crazy. Still nothing. I go outside and look what I see!

Look how close this is!!

It was so close that we could hear it when they fired it up. No wonder the animals were freaking out!

Even Princess went running into the house.

Bye bye balloon people!!

Let's see how long it lasts.....

The good news: I finished my socks.

These took me WAY too long to do.

Here are the stats:

Winterscape Socks from Kay
Malabrigo sock yarn in Persia
64sts on 2.5mm needles

sock #1: 3/26/09 - 7/7/09
sock #2: 8/3/09 - 11/19/09

This was a good pattern that I would use again. I, however, took FOREVER to make them. But they are done.

The bad news. Remember how I said I found a hole?

After I kitchenered the toe on sock #2, I pulled out sock #1 and fixed it.

It seemed to come out ok and you really can't see it in this pic. This should be good news, right? Wrong. When I put the socks on, I found three more thin spots. Something found these socks tasty. I haven't seen any moths in the house, and besides, this first sock has been sitting in the drawer with my other hand knit socks, which are perfectly fine (I say this casually, but trust me, once I realized it was sitting in the same drawer as my other hand knit socks, I got quite nauseous and imagined large holes in ALL my socks. Tha…

Need to uncramp the fingers....

With my new goal of finishing up my socks, I've been on a roll. While waiting in the car for Baby Girl earlier today, I knit the last four rows of gusset decreases which meant I could start on the actual foot. A half hour ago, I was abt 6 rows away from toe decreases!!! I've NEVER knit away on a sock that long before and boy do my hands feel it!!! I knit thru two NCISes and one NCIS LA before I stopped. And the only reason I stopped was because Baby Girl was VERY tired and wanted to go to bed. No pics of it yet, I want to wait for it to be done before I post them.

I'm already trying to decide what yarn I want to pull out next (this could be part of my incentive to finish them off). Oh and I found a hole in the cuff of the finished sock!!! UGH!!!! Not sure how it got there. It doesn't look eaten away (from a moth) or cut. It looks as if the yarn was in a thin spot I didn't notice and just pulled apart when it was stretched. Now I have to figure out how to fix that...…

Putting it all in a box

When I went to bed, this is what I saw

and when I woke up, I got this view.

Just doing our part to help you press out the wrinkles. I'm adding my special fibers as well.

You're welcome.

After I removed the cat and said fibers, I was able to finish off another receiving blanket.

I then pulled out another receiving blanket that I made awhile back, but never used.

AND the spot came out of the first one so I now have a nice little group to send out.

The box is now packed, taped and ready to mail out tomorrow. WOOHOO!!!

I think the sewing projects will be on hold for the next couple of days. I need a bit of a break. Instead I'm going to focus on my sock. I pulled it out today and I'm almost down to the main part of the foot. My goal is to get it done by the end of the month. I think I can do it too.

More (attempted) Sewing Today

I'm slowly working my way thru the piles on my craft table.

So far I've gotten thru the top.

However I now have piles here,


and under here.

I have another pile on top of the bed. I'm finding a lot of unfinished projects that are almost done so I'm hoping to really make some headway. So far today I hemmed 2 pairs of pants, and then found some fabric to make a receiving blanket for my new niece.

Definitely girly. Definitely cute. Definitely a STAIN ON IT!!!! Ugh.

I threw it in the wash and am hoping the stain comes out. Meanwhile I pulled out another piece of flannel to make another blanket, but this one didn't go as smoothly. First I ran out of thread in the bobbin. Then it wouldn't sew smoothly and I ended up with a LOT of lumpy and skipped stitches.

Have you ever tried ripping out stitches in a flannel piece of fabric?? It's NOT fun. I've got the stitches ripped out and it's sitting on the ironing board to finish off tomorrow.

Oh and…

Sunday Sewing

IT. IS. DONE!!!!!!

The front

and the back.

The apron is finished!!! This was purchased a year ago by a friend of mine. Apparently I was high on the fiber fumes in JoAnn's when I offered to sew this for her if she bought the kit. Thankfully she's a collector of stash, too, so the fact that she gets it back in a year will surprise her!

The stats:

JoAnn's Domestic Diva Apron
"With Enough Coffee I Can Do Anything!
Started: 5/3/09
Finished: 11/15/09

While this was a span of 6 months, it only took me 3 days to do.

I was going to pull out a receiving blanket or my BOM quilt, but I've had enough with sewing. SO not relaxing for me.

Time to move on to another project, preferably something mindless.....

Saturday Happenings

I'm slowly working my way thru projects and I'm actually seeing progress.

My scarf is now 32" long and I just started the 2nd skein, which means I'll have a nice long scarf when done.
While waiting in line for the rugrats, I found I had my sock in the car so I was able to do 4 rounds. Not much but every round counts!
I pulled out the apron I was making for a good friend of mine and am pretty close to finishing. I'm hoping to finish it up tomorrow. I've had to make a few modifications since I wasn't impressed with the instructions, but it's almost done and it looks nice. I'm hoping to have pictures tomorrow. I've also been working on my crossed stitched Dolphin project. It's really the only one worth taking a progress picture of. This is one week's worth of work.


I'm hoping to have some finished pictures to post tomorrow. That apron is VERY close to being done AND I want to make some receiving blankets for my new niece. And …

Bombs Away!!

I truly enjoy where I live. I'm close enough to the city if I want to get in some city excitement, but I'm also close enough to the Ocala Nat'l Forest if I want to take in some nature. Unfortunately I'm also close enough that on a clear day I can hear the bombing.

Yes, you read that right, the BOMBING!

There a bombing range that the Navy uses for training. Here is an excerpt from their web site.

The Navy's Pinecastle Impact Range in the Ocala National Forest is the only place on the East Coast where the Navy can do live impact training. The Navy drops nearly 20,000 bombs a year at the site, a few hundred of which are live.

I've been listening to it all day. I keep thinking it's thunder, but I have clear blue skies today. Nope, it's the bombing. Freaks me out a little every time I hear one go off. I'm not close enough that if they mess up, I'll get blown up, but just the thought that they *do* this as close as they do, makes me just a bit un…

New York State of Mind

Today was the kind of day that reminded me of living up north. It was cold and blustery and grey. It made me wish we had a local deli because I SOOO wanted an egg sandwich with my coffee. I had to settle for a slice of banana bread from Starbucks. Good, but not the same.

Still going thru my craft table. Pulled out some projects to work on and realized my living room will have to look worse before it looks better......

Since it was such a cool day ALL day, not only did I pick up some wood for the fireplace, so did the IO.

Talk abt eating by candlelight!

And you can't have a fire w/o these

I'm not a big fan, but Baby Girl is! I just ate from the Hershey bar.

Who Knew They'd Last So Long!!!

Back in the early 90s, I was big into fabric painting. I had a few t-shirts that I decorated with fabric and puff paints. I LOVED doing it, and in true hobby/collector form, I would buy a bunch when they went on sale. Anybody remember Zak's? It was a favorite craft store of mine before Michael's got big and when JoAnn's was mostly fabric. I bought a LOT of my craft supplies from them, including my paints.

That hobby eventually fell to the wayside when I got the quilting bug and they stayed packed away in the closet for a long time. I never wanted to get rid of them, because I still had projects to make with them. Fast forward to 2004. We are hit by 4 different hurricanes, including one (Frances) that is going so slow, she's almost stationary. I've got small rugrats that are getting stir crazy and all the projects I had in the house are now done. And the storm has yet to pass. I open the craft closet in search of SOMETHING to keep them occupied and there…

Time flies

I was watching the evening news last night when a segment of the Berlin Wall came on. Did you know that it's been TWENTY years since it came down??

It's amazing to me that it was that long ago. I remember how quick it was too. From serious talks to the wall coming down in less than a week!

a piece of the wall living happily on a city street

Now I'm working on *I can't believe it's been 8 years since 9/11*


Apparently Ida is turning into a bust for us here in Central Florida. The majority of rain is all to the north of what was once the eye so places like Alabama and Georgia will be getting even more rain!

pic from

We get the breeze which will be nice since we're supposed to reach 80 again today.

According to NOAA this past October has been ranked the third coolest on record for the US. Except for Florida. WE have had above avg temps for the past 6 months making it the third warmest for us!

Yet with all t…