Actual Knitting Content!

I finally decided to take pics of all the knitting projects I have going on. I'm hoping this will motivate me to finish a few of them.

First up, a hat for #1 Son.

I'm using this yarn that I bought specifically for this hat. He approved the yarn and I cast on a couple of days ago. It's a hard color to capture, the above pic is a bit washed out from the direct sun, but you get the idea. While the yarn is a bit squeaky, I REALLY love the colors in it.

Next is a scarf for me.

We don't usually need scarves in this neck of the woods, but last year we had some REALLY cold days and it's pretty sad when a knitter has no hat or scarf to call her own when she shivers from the cold. I'm abt half way done with it using this yarn.

Then we have my always ever present kitty blanket.

I like these blankets because I can use up the fugly acrylic yarn and make something that definitely is needed. With the nights getting cooler, I need to bring the other two blankets to the local shelter.

And then there is my sock.

I'm on the gusset decreases on the 2nd sock so the end is in sight, but UGH this is taking me a long time!!! I started this back in MARCH!!! ~sheesh~

HOWEVER, it is further along than #1 Son's sock that I started at the same time.

No different than the last time I posted abt him. I really like the yarn, it's a self striping and it keeps my attention as I change colors, but again, it's gotten pushed to the side for other projects. Now that it's starting to get cooler, I think my sock knitting mojo will return.

So there you have it. All the knitting projects that have been cast on. I also have another sweater I want to do for Baby Girl, but I want to FINISH something before I cast on for it.


Dee said…
Sounds like we need a knitting day at the Books-A-Million so you can get some work done on your projects.

Email me and we'll get together soon.

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