And Away We Go!!

So here we go. My attempt to blog each day. Let's hope I can do it. Especially since I'm already struggling! HA!

I have been knitting, but nothing is picture worthy yet. I'm almost one full skein into my scarf. Once that's finished I'll take a pic of it then. Oh and I did start a hat for #1 Son. I figured he'd need it since he's a safety patrol and will be out in the cold. However with temps still in the 80s, it's hard to remember what hat weather feels like.

I think I'm going to try to make November a month of finishing projects. I have projects to mail out, projects to finish sewing, projects that need to be re-evaluated. If I make it a priority to work on finishing items this month, it will mean that I will have some worthwhile posts to blog abt.

Meanwhile I give you a gratuitous rugrat shot.

Let us dazzle you with our cuteness!!!!!


Karen said…
Go you!!! I'm trying to post every day in November too - on both of my blogs. Yikes. I think we'll both manage it though. :) Finishing stuff up is a great idea, both for post content and for starting fresh in the new year - which is only two months away. (How can that be?)
Anonymous said…
First post looks good --- only 29 more to go. LOL
Ruth said…
Cute pic of cute kids--I've never noticed how much they look alike before!

I've had kids look like that too--it's been fun to see them grow up and become their own person after looking just like each other.

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