A bit of drama

Last Thursday night I noticed that Tiger was limping. I kept her inside and debated on taking her to the vet on Friday. She snuck out Friday AM, and while I was debating on bringing her back inside, she was able to jump up and scale the 6' privacy fence. This told me that while she had a sore paw, she was doing ok. That being said, I didn't want her running and jumping around so when she came inside to eat, I kept her in for the rest of the day and the entire night. She hates being cooped up inside so Saturday AM she was looking for any opportunity to go out. I finally let her go and while she came back around 2pm, we never saw her the rest of the day. Or night. Or for breakfast.

Now I've had cats before and they will occasionally just go off for a bit. I was worried but I wasn't going to make myself nuts abt it yet. This was not the case for Baby Girl. Around 3pm today, she got really upset. Where was she? Maybe she got eaten by a coyote. Maybe she got into a fight with a dog. The IO drove around to make sure she hadn't been hit (all was fine) and Baby Girl insisted on putting out flyers (which we did). Now we just had to wait. Baby Girl would be crying one minute and the next would be distracted by a tv show.

Around 8pm I look outside and who do I see?

She finally decided that she would come home. Tragedy averted. I still don't know how her paw is doing, but I don't want to mess with her. Better she sleeps off her wknd bender than to run off again.

Meanwhile I finished something.

Only 8 months in the making. The next one shouldn't take as long, esp since I want to finish it off before I start a new pair for me.


stitcherw said…
Glad your wanderer came back after the weekend bender. Sounds like with being gone that long a long snooze was quite in order. Hopefully the paw is back to normal now, though sounds like it didn't hamper the weekend's activities.

Great sock, and I'm looking forward to seeing your update of Maggie. When you first said browns, my first thought was Too Pooped. Stay warm, low 40's is cold for me so there in Florida you must feel like you're freezing.

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