Bombs Away!!

I truly enjoy where I live. I'm close enough to the city if I want to get in some city excitement, but I'm also close enough to the Ocala Nat'l Forest if I want to take in some nature. Unfortunately I'm also close enough that on a clear day I can hear the bombing.

Yes, you read that right, the BOMBING!

There a bombing range that the Navy uses for training. Here is an excerpt from their web site.

The Navy's Pinecastle Impact Range in the Ocala National Forest is the only place on the East Coast where the Navy can do live impact training. The Navy drops nearly 20,000 bombs a year at the site, a few hundred of which are live.

I've been listening to it all day. I keep thinking it's thunder, but I have clear blue skies today. Nope, it's the bombing. Freaks me out a little every time I hear one go off. I'm not close enough that if they mess up, I'll get blown up, but just the thought that they *do* this as close as they do, makes me just a bit uncomfortable. Esp when it makes the windows rattle.....

Meanwhile we all need a little sun in our lives.

This was taken back in 2004. Today it's my Friday Foto.


Dee said…
I didn't realize you were THAT close. YIKES! And didn't I hear they want to expand the bombing range??? No good.

Can't they do this stuff out where no one lives????

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