Bucking the System

While the rest of you were eating turkey today, we had lasagna. We are non traditionalists here. I'd like to say we spared a turkey, but I've got one in the freezer just waiting to be cooked when my sister comes to town in a couple of weeks.

Since we keep it low key here, I was able to work a bit on my snowman.


It's coming along pretty well. The top box has various wintery things, an ice skate, a snowflake, etc. The bigger box has a big blue mitten in it. I need both my Ott light AND my readers to work on this project; the fabric isn't *that* small, 28ct I believe, but it's the dark blue that makes it really hard to see.


Dee said…
I can't stitch on those dark colors any more.

Your snowman in adorable.

Lasagna sounds pretty tasty!!!
Jacki said…
Mmmmm, lasagna....I don't make it much since Mr. Picky doesn't eat pasta and it's kinda a lot of work to make for just one. I should make a big one and freeze it in individual containers for lunches! Thanks you the inspiration, you non-conformist, you!! :)
Good for you with bucking the system! We fry our turkey, and here in NH that is still a bit of an oddity.
One year we had tacos at my parents house. Our big family Thanksgiving is usually on the weekend after turkey day so all my relatives can come in to town. I love the non-traditional traditions :)

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