Coming in Under the Wire

Today was the last day of school for the week and it SOOO feels like Friday. I can shut the alarm off and sleep in tomorrow. Ahhhhhh. However, kids home from school means waiting my turn for the computer. Hence today's late posting.

Not getting on the computer means I have more time for other things. Like stitching. I pulled out the dolphins today, then put it back. Don't have the desire to work on various shades of grey. Out came my snowman. There isn't that much left to it, the outline of the project is done (not to be confused with the backstitching, there is LOTS of that left to do) and most of the wording is done as well. The biggest thing left is the mitten which is half the size of the snowman, but only has abt 3 color changes so it should go fairly quickly. I'll take an updated pic of it tomorrow.

As I was stitching, look what I saw checking out my yarn cake!

Hmmmmm, wonder if they eat yarn, too.......


I don't think they eat yarn, but I do think that they are lucky. So, knit some socks, then wear them to buy your lottery ticket! ha ha

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