Crossing the Finish Line

I did it!!! I posted everyday for the past month!!! What did I get?

Yep, a sense of satisfaction. Even though I feel more like how that woman looks!

What else did I accomplish this month? Not as much as I would like, but I saw progress. I did finish some sewing and some knitting.

And guess what came in today??

Aren't they cool?!?

Both rugrats have requested a pair for themselves. I told them to save up their allowances.

I cast on for #1 Son's 2nd sock today while at ballet. Got almost an inch completed. However I left it in the car and since I can be quite lazy, I reached over and cast on for a sock for me.

Just because I can. And no, that is not the Cherry Tree Hill that is sitting pretty on my night stand. It's the Kroy FX that reminds me of Trekking. Kroy tends to be a bit on the thicker side, which means I can knit them on size 2s w/o a problem. Since both socks are in Kroy, they should move fairly quickly.

Got some rows done on my scarf as well. Keep that one in the car and knit on it while I wait in line to pick the rugrats up. It will eventually get done, row by row.

So that's it. I attempted to blog every day and I accomplished just that. Thanks for stopping by!!!


Anonymous said…
Ruth said…
Congrats on finishing the month! It was a fun read.

Love your shoes!
Congratulations! And those shoes are as cool as I imagined they would be :)

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