Dragging on.......

Hmmmmmm, day 5 of NaBloPoMo and I'm already starting to struggle. I woke up with a headache this AM and after the kids got off to school, I took some meds, a cup of coffee and watched a show I DVR'd. Afterward, I shut the tv off just to rest my eyes and give the meds a chance to work. The next thing I know it's noon.

I finally get out of bed at 1pm. ONE IN THE AFTERNOON!!!! This seems to be the only lingering thing from the flu, waking up feeling like I could sleep the entire day away. And then I do.

One thing I've been working on all week was cleaning up the projects by the side of the bed.

This is MUCH better than it was before. That basket tends to collect projects that I hope to get to, and then gets buried under additional projects I hope to get to. Then I have to dig to find a tape measure which mixes all the piles together. Since I'm hoping to finish some things off this month, I wanted to clear out the excess clutter.

Speaking of clutter, did anybody see the episode of Dr Oz today? He had a segment on hoarding, and while I don't usually like watching these shows, I really wanted to see this one. It was really interesting and made me feel like I'm a borderline hoarder. Could I throw out my piles of cross stitch magazines w/o looking thru them? NO WAY!!! However I have been eyeing my fabric stash and thinking abt how much more space I would have if I'd only get rid of the bins of fabric that haven't been touched in a couple of years.......That would free up space in the office for my yarn stash that is currently residing in my closet. It may be a walk in closet, but I can't walk in it! It's on my list.....


Anonymous said…
Yes, but is there a life-size tree in there?
Marguerite said…
Isn't is amazing how once you start a blog post you end up saying something even if you thought there wasn't anything to say? That's where I'm at this morning. My life is totally boring (yet stressful) and I have nothing to write.

Your bedside looks like my back room where I do my knitting. I bet I'd be surprised at what's at the bottom of the layers of stuff next to my knitting sofa. I'm not brave enough to post a picture, though.

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