Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man....

Went down to Kissimmee to see some old friends today and since I'm the only one still awake on the way home, I end up driving. No problem. While I can't blare the music, I can still put on the radio station that's playing Friday Night 80s and jam out to ZZ Top, or hear abt Jesse's girl and get Jenny's number (867-5309 in case you wanted to call).

It's great to see old friends. I've known these people since I was 11. And now my kids and her daughter are starting their own long term friendship.

Anybody else feel like it's S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night?? (click to hear 70's song there)

Wait, did she at least feed us before leaving?? And why am I on the WRONG of this window?!?


Karen said…
What a fun way to make a long drive better. Oh my, I used to CRUSH on Rick Springfield something fierce. Like Teen Beat pictures all over my walls and everything. I have to admit, there's nothing like a good '80s song to bring me right back to high school. :)
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh ... you are SUCH an 80's chick! ROFL

I'm afraid you are just a kid --- I go back further than that (to when the rock and roll was good) ---

snark, snark ---- Rick Springfield??? Good gracious, NO!
Today I heard a Loverboy song on the radio, and my husband turns and says, "Yup - Loverboy sucked in the 80's and they still suck.".... Totally cracked me up. In our house that is about the ONLY band from the 80's that we don't love.
stitcherw said…
Glad you had fun with your friends, that's great that your kids are making long term friends too. Perfect choice for listening to for late night driving. I remember all those songs, and it's the type of music I'll turn on to keep me alert also.

Nice progress in your earlier post of your snowman piece, he's looking very cute. The fabric is so pretty, but I can see why it would be harder to work on than a lighter color. Even being 28 ct, I'd need my light and magnifier too.

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