Looking in the past

So I'm getting all ready to post abt the wacko weather we're having here. It's November 9th and what is on the news (other than shootings in Orlando and Ft Hood, the crappy economy, universal health care and other such insanity), but this!

This is Hurricane Ida. It's been on the news since it was in Central America. We've had such a quiet hurricane season, to see one brewing now is just weird.

Or so I thought.

I decided to tie in how hot a November we've been having, different compared to what we had last year. So what was my post abt on November 8, 2008? A hurricane in Central America that was headed our way!!!!


That one was Hurricane Paloma that turned south of us and pounded Cuba instead. I think that was the year Cuba got hit by 4 major storms. Considering how small a country it is, that's a lot of water and wind to deal with.

This one won't be turning that quickly. Depending on the map you look at,

it will be curving to the east after it hits the panhandle.

It's just a matter of when.


Susan said…
That looks scary! I hope you miss all the damaging action.
be*mused jan said…
*Good luck* with that!
I was wondering why they were predicting a ton of rain for us here is GA tonight and tomorrow. Makes sense now...

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