More (attempted) Sewing Today

I'm slowly working my way thru the piles on my craft table.

So far I've gotten thru the top.

However I now have piles here,


and under here.

I have another pile on top of the bed. I'm finding a lot of unfinished projects that are almost done so I'm hoping to really make some headway. So far today I hemmed 2 pairs of pants, and then found some fabric to make a receiving blanket for my new niece.

Definitely girly. Definitely cute. Definitely a STAIN ON IT!!!! Ugh.

I threw it in the wash and am hoping the stain comes out. Meanwhile I pulled out another piece of flannel to make another blanket, but this one didn't go as smoothly. First I ran out of thread in the bobbin. Then it wouldn't sew smoothly and I ended up with a LOT of lumpy and skipped stitches.

Have you ever tried ripping out stitches in a flannel piece of fabric?? It's NOT fun. I've got the stitches ripped out and it's sitting on the ironing board to finish off tomorrow.

Oh and remember Ariel? Well apparently I placed her in a pile on the table and it got buried. And then fell. I found it covered in cat fur and dirt. So she ended up taking a bath today. It's pressed and sitting on the ironing board waiting for me to frame it by the end of the week.

Not sure what will be worked on tomorrow, but I'm glad to be getting a little done each day.


SusieH said…
Yay for finding Ariel. I hope the stain comes out because that is seriously some cute fabric!!

Baby steps. That's how I am climbing Mount Laundry this week, too.

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