Need to uncramp the fingers....

With my new goal of finishing up my socks, I've been on a roll. While waiting in the car for Baby Girl earlier today, I knit the last four rows of gusset decreases which meant I could start on the actual foot. A half hour ago, I was abt 6 rows away from toe decreases!!! I've NEVER knit away on a sock that long before and boy do my hands feel it!!! I knit thru two NCISes and one NCIS LA before I stopped. And the only reason I stopped was because Baby Girl was VERY tired and wanted to go to bed. No pics of it yet, I want to wait for it to be done before I post them.

I'm already trying to decide what yarn I want to pull out next (this could be part of my incentive to finish them off). Oh and I found a hole in the cuff of the finished sock!!! UGH!!!! Not sure how it got there. It doesn't look eaten away (from a moth) or cut. It looks as if the yarn was in a thin spot I didn't notice and just pulled apart when it was stretched. Now I have to figure out how to fix that.....These socks have been a pain from the start. Can't figure out why either since I'm using Malabrigo yarn that is SOOO yummy! I'll worry abt it tomorrow.

Now how are you supposed to pet me with those crooked, messed up fingers!!


Anonymous said…
I do believe that kitty is giving you the stink eye. LOL

That is a bugger about the hole in the sock. :-(
stitcherw said…
Wow, that was some marathon knitting. Hope your fingers uncramp soon, and I'm looking forward to seeing the sock. Sorry about the hole, what a bummer, hopefully you can figure out a way to mend it.

What wonderful receiving blankets you finished off in your earlier post, and the apron you made is so cute, she'll love it.

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