New York State of Mind

Today was the kind of day that reminded me of living up north. It was cold and blustery and grey. It made me wish we had a local deli because I SOOO wanted an egg sandwich with my coffee. I had to settle for a slice of banana bread from Starbucks. Good, but not the same.

Still going thru my craft table. Pulled out some projects to work on and realized my living room will have to look worse before it looks better......

Since it was such a cool day ALL day, not only did I pick up some wood for the fireplace, so did the IO.

Talk abt eating by candlelight!

And you can't have a fire w/o these

I'm not a big fan, but Baby Girl is! I just ate from the Hershey bar.


Anonymous said…
You do the neatest things with the kids! Can I be one of your kids???
Karen said…
New York state of mind, huh? I'm going to remind you of this in mid-February when I'm freezing my bottom off up here. :) Maybe we can work out a little location swap then. LOL Okay, I'm technically not in NY, but less than an hour from the border.

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