Saturday Happenings

I'm slowly working my way thru projects and I'm actually seeing progress.

  • My scarf is now 32" long and I just started the 2nd skein, which means I'll have a nice long scarf when done.
  • While waiting in line for the rugrats, I found I had my sock in the car so I was able to do 4 rounds. Not much but every round counts!
  • I pulled out the apron I was making for a good friend of mine and am pretty close to finishing. I'm hoping to finish it up tomorrow. I've had to make a few modifications since I wasn't impressed with the instructions, but it's almost done and it looks nice. I'm hoping to have pictures tomorrow.
  • I've also been working on my crossed stitched Dolphin project. It's really the only one worth taking a progress picture of. This is one week's worth of work.


    I'm hoping to have some finished pictures to post tomorrow. That apron is VERY close to being done AND I want to make some receiving blankets for my new niece.

And since it is Saturday, here is what my sky looked like around 6pm.

The weather has been really nice, just cool enough for a light jacket. My kind of winter!

We are still being inundated with bombing rumblings, and it still leaves me unsettled. AND according to the newspaper, it will continue tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. Makes you wonder what they have planned overseas....


SusieH said…
The dolphin is definitely smoking along there! Well done on the sock in the car - I need to start leaving my sock-of-the-moment in the car, too.
Anonymous said…
The dolphin actually looks like a dolphin now. That always gives me incentive to keep going!!!

It's looking really good.

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