Saturday Satellite Sky

The one bad thing abt it getting dark early is that if you forget to take a picture of the sky, it's too dark to get anything. So I improvised. Here is a picture of my Saturday Sky courtesy of Associated Press.

It's a satellite picture of the sky earlier today. We've had our cold front come thru and it was around 39 this morning! No wonder the house felt so cold!! It's abt 44 now, even though my thermometer says it's in the 50s. I really need to put a thermometer away from the window, it does tend to pull in the temps from the house as well.

Today was also one of those days where I was really hoping to get some fun things done, but the more I tried to sit down and knit/stitch, the more interuptions I had. I did finally pull out a stitching project. What color do I want to work on?? Grey for dolphins? No. Blue for snowman?? Nada. Instead I worked with browns which means that Maggie came out to play! Haven't seen her in awhile and was happy to work on her again. While I like to have blocks of color to work on, when those blocks are just various shades of one color, it gets monotonous. AND I need to start some socks for me.

Is it really almost Sunday already? Where did this extended weekend go?? While I loved spending time with various friends, I really want some time by myself. Anybody else ever get that way?


I get that way all the time! I love my alone time.
Anonymous said…
Oh yes! It's time for the boys to go BACK.TO.WORK!
Anonymous said…
So much to catch up on. Your "wordless Wednesday" was wonderful. Congrats on the snowman progress. Something is better than nothing at all.

Talk about ladybugs, a few weeks ago you could not see through the carpet of ladybugs that decided to gather on my porch. It was amazing. There were simply thousands of them, totally covering my porch from top to bottom. Then we had a frost, and the next day there were a lot of dead ladybugs all over the place. Several did manage to get inside though, so I'll be putting up with them all Winter, as usual.

Our weather on Saturday was very Wintery. High winds and bitter cold. Today was the exact opposite. Bright sunshine, no winds and it reached 52ºF. Amazing for this time of year here in the Northeast.

Take care and keep well :)
Linda said…
I love alone time and tend to spend it spinning, sometimes knitting, and listening to an audio book. DH is not working now so I don't have as much alone time as I did, though he is out and about sometimes. I savor that time. Not that I don't enjoy spending time with him. It's just that I also enjoy spending time with me.

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