Saturday Sky

Today's sky is brought you to by Baby Girl.

She also thought you'd enjoy the bright clouds.

and our temps.

Looks are definitely deceiving because it may say 76 but it felt more like the 80s. I ended up putting the a/c on abt a half hour after this was taken.

I picked up a bag of knitting today and it ended up being #1 Son's hat.

I'm not much of a yarn snob, but I'm really not enjoying this yarn. I've never had an acrylic squeak on me, but this one does. Plus as I was knitting, I was noticing a smell. At first I thought it smelled like plastic, but that wasn't quite right. Then it hit me. It smells like carpeting. Carpeting that was just put in. The IO thought it smelled more like commercial carpeting. I tried to convince myself that the smell would wash out, but the more I knit with it (squeak, squeak, squeak) (sniff sniff sniff) the more I realized that I didn't want my son wearing a carpet tile on his head and I now have this.

I also found the receipt and it will be going back to JoAnn's sometime next week.

Once this project was ripped out and bagged to go back to the store, I pulled out some cross stitch. I'll post more on that tomorrow.


Susan said…
Good decision. I hate using acrylic yarn now that I work with wool and blends. Acrylic is not comfortable to wear either. I can't believe how long I happily crocheted with acrylic before I knew better.
Life's a Stitch said…
We had the opposite sky today and I wish I had my camera - the most dark threatening clouds followed by so much hail we almost needed a snowplow.
Anonymous said…
I had some Red Heart TLC that was like that. I actually got a splinter from it. Nasty!

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