Skyless Saturday

Yep, no sky today. I meant to take one earlier, but then it got busy and I totally forgot.

Today was spent as a girl's night(day) out. The IO and #1 Son had a campout with some friends of ours

and since us girls were left to our own devices, we hit the mall. What'd we buy? Shoes and makeup!!! LOL I bought 3 pairs of shoes today for ME! Including a pair of clear Converse sneakers. I've been wanting these for sometime now, but kept putting it off because I didn't want to spend the money on them. Well they cost abt what I'd pay for 3 pairs of socks so I went ahead and did it. I should get them by next week.

I have to admit, after all the problems I had with my Malabrigo socks, it sort of took the wind out of my sails. Instead of being happy abt my finished socks, I felt my yarn let me down.

So what's a girl to do? Make cake of course!!

This is some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn I got sometime in 2006. It's been marinating long enough and time to come out and play. It's sitting all pretty on my nightstand.

I also cast on another hat with some worsted Malabrigo. I'm not crazy abt single ply yarns, but the softness keeps me knitting. No pics of that since they all came out blurry.

However I do have a picture of #1 Son's sock.

I pulled it out yesterday and made some great progress on it. I worked the heel flap, turned the heel, finished the gusset and am working my way down the foot. I should have this sock done soon.

Tomorrow I will be fixing the malabrigos. I washed them and it turned the thin spots into holes. I actually didnt' mind it since it makes them easier to fix. They wont be as pretty as I'd like, but they'll look fantastic in my new sneakers.

More of a true to life color of these guys. And yes, one does look greyer than the other, yet they were knit from the same skein.


Brigitte said…
Shoes and makeup! The best stuff, next to yarn, or course.
SusieH said…
All the socks look great, even the "holy" ones. Love your newly wound yarn, too. That's pretty stuff.
I've been looking for clear Converse sneakers everywhere! Now I know I need to scope out Journey's.

Really like the colors in the new sock yarn. It'll be a good reward to work with the new yarn after having to deal with the holey socks.
Dee said…
You've been a busy girl!!!!
Susan said…
I have some Malabrigo sock yarn in my stash. I haven't knitted any socks with it yet; it looks too fragile for socks. Maybe your yarn just wasn't sturdy enough for socks.
Sandie Knapp said…
That variation in color on your blue socks is more to do with lighting than the yarn. It's really odd how moving an item just a hair this way or that, and it catches the light differently. They looks great. I like the color of #1 son's socks too.

Congratulations on the "me" treats too. Every gal needs a day or two like that, every once in a while. :)
I have a hank of CTH that is in hibernation as well. Think you have inspired me to get it out!

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