Stitching Away

Is it really the beginning of a week already? Didn't we just have a Monday not too long ago?

I'm also learning that I need to blog earlier in the day. Right now it's 10:30pm and the creative juices are not flowing as much as I'd like. Instead I'm in Monday Morning mode, thinking of what I want to get done tomorrow. However I'm really thinking tomorrow is going to be like the past couple of Mondays, drop the kids off and then piddle away the morning catching up on blogs and motivating myself into the coming week. I do plan on doing laundry, so that will be an accomplishment, right?!?

On Friday I got to meet up with Dee and while the original goal was to knit, I decided to pull out my stitching instead. I started a project for #1 Son back in June, an underwater scene of dolphins. This is his favorite animal and I thought it would be a great thing for him to hang in his room. The goal is to decorate his room in an underwater theme and this project would fit right in. Of course we'd have to keep up the pic of the earth and of Albert Einstein, but that just shows the eclectic taste of my Science Boy. Here it is as of today.

You can sort of see the beginnings of a dolphin face. Click here to see the completed picture.

It's BIG, but a lot of it is 1/2 stitches in various amts of floss (some 3, some 6!) I'm hoping to keep working on it and get a good chunk done on him. I still have my snowman waiting in the wings, but I know I can still work on him next year. I really want to finish this off so that #1 Son can enjoy it for as long as possible.


Dee said…
Well, the trick is --- we just need to get together more often so that you "have to" stitch.

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