Time flies

I was watching the evening news last night when a segment of the Berlin Wall came on. Did you know that it's been TWENTY years since it came down??

It's amazing to me that it was that long ago. I remember how quick it was too. From serious talks to the wall coming down in less than a week!

a piece of the wall living happily on a city street

Now I'm working on *I can't believe it's been 8 years since 9/11*


Apparently Ida is turning into a bust for us here in Central Florida. The majority of rain is all to the north of what was once the eye so places like Alabama and Georgia will be getting even more rain!

pic from www.flhurricane.com

We get the breeze which will be nice since we're supposed to reach 80 again today.

According to NOAA this past October has been ranked the third coolest on record for the US. Except for Florida. WE have had above avg temps for the past 6 months making it the third warmest for us!

Yet with all the cooler temps the rest of the US is having, this is the 43rd warmest ranking on record YTD. This is why I laugh when I hear stats. You can always find a statistic to spin any way you want!


Guess what I got in the mail yesterday?? A squishy envelope containing yarn!

Marguerite was having a contest on her blog and I won! She was giving away 3 different sock yarns, and while they were all gorgeous, this blue was my favorite. I REALLY didn't think I was going to win, but I did!!! And now I have another sock yarn to add to my collection. Thanks again Marguerite!!!


Marguerite said…
Glad the yarn arrived OK. Hopefully it's light enough so it will make great socks for Florida wearing.
Anonymous said…
Pretty, pretty yarn!
Ruth in So. MD said…
Thanks a bunch for sending the rain our way (she says with heavy sarcasm.) We (meaning DS#2, but also me as "the one who nags until things get done") have a science project to do this week and it can't be done in the rain! Glad you're safe, anyway.

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